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KSP mod that helps to deploy experiments fast and easy.
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Copyright 2016 derrrey

Adds a little GUI to the flight scene that lists all experiments and helps to deploy them fast and easy.

What this mod can do:

  • Adds an icon to the flight scene
  • When active, it lists all the science experiments that can be done
  • The experiments can be deployed with a click on the GUI
  • Finished experiments can also be reviewed (left click) and resetted (right click)
  • When inactive, it shows whether there are experiments (yellow) or not (red)

What this mod might do in the future:

  • Functionality to filter the experiments
  • Special options for each experiment

How to install:

  1. Download the .zip file.
  2. Unpack the .zip file.
  3. Copy the /ExperimentTracker/ folder to your KSP installations GameData/ folder.
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