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pm_gameSaved = [<<1>>] Game saved
pm_cantSave = [<<1>>] Can't save game
pm_exitIn = Exit in <<1>>s
pm_abort = Push on <<1>> to abort the operation
pm_exitIng = Exiting, bye
pm_in = in <<1>>s
pm_now = now
pm_overrideinfo = This overrides the function of the button being hidden if there are no patches due to dependencies
pm_doesNot = This does not disble/enable the mod, that you can do in the standard settings:
pm_alwaysShow = Always show toolbar button
pm_disablethis = Disable this to store the active patches in the patch's parent mod folder
pm_storeactive = Store active patches in PatchManager folder
pm_ok = OK
pm_changesmade1 = The changes you just made by installing/uninstalling one or
pm_changesmade2 = more patches will not take effect until the game is restarted
pm_changesmade3 = You can now shut down the game by using the second button below,
pm_changesmade4 = the current game will be saved before the shutdown.
pm_ack = Acknowledged
pm_shutdown = Shut Down KSP
pm_applyall = Apply All
pm_cancel = Cancel
pm_settings = Settings
pm_patchmanager = Patch Manager
pm_restart = Restart Message
pm_settingstitle = Patch Manager Settings
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