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The original release of this was done by FW Industries in May, 2015.

I've enhanced it with the following new features:

Added configuration window using Dropdownlists for the keys
Added ability to enable/disable mouse wheel in Editors
Changed "sneak" key from left shift to left control to avoid conflict with mouse wheel left shift
Added toolbar icon which turns green when WASD editor is active
Disable WASD editor when part is selected
Refactored code to make it more organized
Replaced logging code with a class
Added right-click on button to disable

Usage: Move around with WASD keys, hold right mouse to look around. Q/E for up/down. Space/leftCtrl to move faster/slower. When you have a part selected it will follow you around if right mouse is held. Otherwise it will rotate the part as usual. Press 5 to switch between stock camera and wasd controls.

The mouse scroll wheel is active when configured. This makes it easier to use the new editor controls while still being able to use the mouse scroll to move up/down and shift-mousescroll to move in and out

Keys, movement speed, etc can be configured in the configuration screen, which is available by clicking the WASD icon when in either the VAB or SPF

Known issues:

  • The workaround for issue 3838 is a bit hacky and might break things. Compatibility mode for EditorExtensions is enabled by default, though.
  • The stock VAB camera doesn't have a horizontal offset. So when switching back to stock camera the pivot point snaps back to center. I tried to keep the camera in it's current position and only rotate the view.
  • When moving parts around the camera is clamped to editor bounds but the part isn't. If you clip the part through the wall you can't select it anymore. But undo will move it back.
  • Unity's Screen.lockCursor resets the cursor to screen center. Used native functions on Windows as workaround. Other OSs are currently stuck with snapping cursors.


  • 2015 May 20 Initial release by FW Industries

  • 2015 Sept. 16 by Linuxgurugamer


WasdEditorCamera brings FPS controls to your editor. Fly into those pesky cargo bays and get the view you want. This continues and improves upon the original by FW Industries






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