An irrigation controller based on node.js and any accessible IO device
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Irrnode is an irrigation control server used to control digital IO such as direct IO on a Raspberry Pi or remote IO such as on an Elexol Ether IO24 board (via UDP). This IO is then connected to sprinkler head valves. The program allows the user to provide 'program' which run the valves in the specified order and for the specified time. External conditions can be added to allow/defer running a 'program'.

Irrnode provides a web interface to monitor, control and configure the irrigation system.

Zone status information Run/Stop switch Status

Current weather report, sun rise, sun set and phase of the moon and day's weather forecast

This program depends alot on external data. I get that data through external scripts (Bash, Perl, Python and Node.js). I'm going to have to dig through my collection and add those programs here so it's a lot easier to follow this program. At the moment there's a lot missing from this repos, such as the icons and the previously mentioned scripts. Also, this was my first attempt at node.js and async programming. I'm seeing a lot of kruft and amateurish code. I'll need to refactor it when I get time. Unfortunately this program grew from a simple idea to a complex collection of feaping-creaturisms (feature creep).


My motivation is two-fold. First is to replace the ancient irrigation control we currently have. The second was to learn node.js & asynchronous (event) based programming.

I plan to use a Raspberry Pi and it's built in IO but I built this on a server running Linux and external IO (the Elexol Ether IO board). One of the features I want is a web interface and access to external information to allow certain conditions to be met to allow the schedule to run. Another is the use of cron like schedule syntax for flexibility.


node node-irrigation.js


0.1 Beta (hey, I'm still working here ;-) )


Well currently the only way to configure this program is to create the *.json files used by irrnode.js. So I really need to document the files to be configured (and what's needed). Also it would be nice to provide a web interface that would permit my wife (who doesn't want to know how to program to use the program) to be able to use this program.

  • Add daemon so this program can be started without a tty
  • Add syslog messaging so we can keep track of what irrnode is doing
  • Add better status information handling to the browser (that way everything won't need to be sent to the syslog.
  • Add signal handling so we can change the debug level (I may want to consider adding this as a event sent from the bowser
  • User interface (currently you have to edit json files to configure the program)
  • External conditions
  • Move device interface outside of the main node-irrigation.js file
  • Provide other device interfaces (current uses the Elexol Ether IO board)
  • Need the initialization routine setup for the Elexol Ether IO board
  • device heartbeat (optional)
  • Documentation, at this moment the documentation is rather weak (need to add info on usage & /status for instance).
  • Need to move hard coded device settings into the irrigation.json file
  • Fix the favicon.ico, I think it's the icon for the The Register (a vulture) - no idea how I did that.
  • need to (learn and) add testing
  • add sample scripts which pull back weather details
  • remove absolute URLs from the css file (all are pointing to http://mozart.uucp/)
  • refactor this code


Currently I have irrnode setup to use the 24 port Elexol Ether IO board. This board is a bit expensive for such a setup. I'll eventually create a new driver for the direct IO on the Raspberry Pi.


The following files are used by irrnode.js.

extCnds.json - external conditions, such as temperature = 76. This comes from an external program such as a weather station daemon. Currently not being used

fauxStatus.json - Not needed (used for testing, will be deleted soon)

irrigation.json - Default settings and port descriptions for the irrigation program

"port":    8022,
"ip":      "",
"version": "2.0",

"uid":     "njc",
"gid":     "users",

    "name":  "Zone 1",
    "zone":  "1",
    "port":  "A",
    "pin" :  "0",
    "state": ""

programs.json - provides the device mapping (here port and pon) to the Irrigation systems zones. Also provides the run times and the time to start in crontab format

"name" : "Program 0",
"comment" :"m h dom mon dow command",
"crontab" : "*/10 * * * *",
"conditions" : [
"steps" : [
    { "port" : "B", "pin" : 0, "zone" :  9, "time" : "2500"},
    { "port" : "B", "pin" : 1, "zone" : 10, "time" : "2500"},
    { "port" : "B", "pin" : 2, "zone" : 11, "time" : "2500"},
    { "port" : "B", "pin" : 3, "zone" : 12, "time" : "2500"},
    { "port" : "B", "pin" : 4, "zone" : 13, "time" : "2500"},
    { "port" : "B", "pin" : 5, "zone" : 14, "time" : "2500"},
    { "port" : "B", "pin" : 6, "zone" : 15, "time" : "2500"},
    { "port" : "B", "pin" : 7, "zone" : 16, "time" : "2500"}

wea-xml.sxml - used by the index.html to pull back weather information related to this location. This information can be pulled back by an external cron job (need to provide the script as an example).

External conditions (extCnds.json and programs.json)

Sometime it is necessary to put externally controlled conditions on a irrigation program, such as a temperature or wind speed limit. These conditions can be added to the extCnds.json file with JSON entries such as this:

  "ready" : 1,
  "test" : 2,
  "bad" : 0,
  "Temperature" : 47.2

And by adding the conditional to the conditions section of the programs.json like this:

  "name" : "Program 1",
  "comment" :"m h dom mon dow command",
  "crontab" : "*/3 * * * *",
  "conditions" : [ 
     "extCnds.Temperature > 50",
     "extCnds.bad == 0"
  "steps" : [

Note that the conditional variable has 'extCnds.' prepended to the variable. Also the variable is case sensitive. If a conditional statement exists in the program but is not defined in the extCnds.json file it will evaluate as a false and stop the irrigation program from running.

The following conditionals are supported:

=== I think this is what we need

!== I think this is what we need


(condition) || (condition)
(condition) && (condition)

The extCnds.json (found in data/exCnds.json) file can be updated with an editor or an external program (I like to use Perl for this).


System builtins

http util url querystring fs events tls dgram

3rd Party usage syslog daemon // Device (not moved out of the main node-irrigation.js yet) node-schedule




Contributors & Credits

I have no idea where I stole half this code from. ;-)