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Linux - A fast, easy, and free bittorrent client


This role requires that you have the epel repository installed, if RedHat.

Role Variables

Available variables are listed below, along with default values:

td_alt_speed_down: 50
td_alt_speed_enabled: false
td_alt_speed_time_begin: 540
td_alt_speed_time_day: 127
td_alt_speed_time_enabled: false
td_alt_speed_time_end: 1020
td_alt_speed_up: 50
td_bind_address_ipv4: ''
td_bind_address_ipv6: '::'
td_blocklist_enabled: false
td_blocklist_url: ''
td_cache_size_mb: 4
td_dht_enabled: true
td_download_dir: '/var/lib/transmission/Downloads'
td_download_queue_enabled: true
td_download_queue_size: 5
td_encryption: 1
td_groups: []
td_idle_seeding_limit: 30
td_idle_seeding_limit_enabled: false
td_incomplete_dir: "{{ td_download_dir }}"
td_incomplete_dir_enabled: false
td_lpd_enabled: false
td_message_level: 1
td_peer_congestion_algorithm: ''
td_peer_id_ttl_hours: 6
td_peer_limit_global: 200
td_peer_limit_per_torrent: 50
td_peer_port: 51413
td_peer_port_random_high: 65535
td_peer_port_random_low: 1024
td_peer_port_random_on_start: false
td_peer_socket_tos: 'default'
td_pex_enabled: true
td_port_forwarding_enabled: true
td_preallocation: 1
td_prefetch_enabled: true
td_queue_stalled_enabled: true
td_queue_stalled_minutes: 30
td_ratio_limit: 2
td_ratio_limit_enabled: false
td_rename_partial_files: true
td_rpc_authentication_required: true
td_rpc_bind_address: ''
td_rpc_enabled: true
td_rpc_host_whitelist: []
td_rpc_host_whitelist_enabled: true
td_rpc_password: '{81c0bf5837de960f693ce3df337bc5f30dce6ebezuTWtlG8'
td_rpc_port: 9091
td_rpc_url: '/transmission/'
td_rpc_username: transmission
td_rpc_whitelist: [ '' ]
td_rpc_whitelist_enabled: true
td_scrape_paused_torrents_enabled: true
td_script_torrent_done_enabled: false
td_seed_queue_enabled: false
td_seed_queue_size: 10
td_service_enabled: true
td_speed_limit_down: 100
td_speed_limit_down_enabled: false
td_speed_limit_up: 100
td_speed_limit_up_enabled: false
td_start_added_torrents: true
td_torrents: []
td_trash_original_torrent_files: false
td_umask: 18
td_upload_slots_per_torrent: 14
td_utp_enabled: true

By default, the transmission rpc password is 'transmission'



Example Playbook

- hosts: servers
    - role: linuxhq.transmission_daemon
      td_bind_address_ipv4: "{{ ansible_tun0.ipv4.address if ansible_tun0 is defined else ansible_default_ipv4.address }}"
      td_bind_address_ipv6: "fe80::"
      td_blocklist_enabled: true
      td_blocklist_url: ''
      td_dht_enabled: false
      td_download_dir: /transmission/default
        - couchpotato
        - medusa
      td_incomplete_dir: "{{ td_download_dir }}"
      td_peer_port: "{{ td_peer_port_random_high|random(start=td_peer_port_random_low) }}"
      td_peer_port_random_on_start: true
      td_pex_enabled: false
      td_ratio_limit: 2
      td_ratio_limit_enabled: true
      td_rpc_authentication_required: false
      td_rpc_bind_address: "{{ ansible_default_ipv4.address }}"
      td_service_enabled: false
      td_speed_limit_down: 8000
      td_speed_limit_down_enabled: true
        - 192.168.0.*
      td_umask: 2


Copyright (C) 2018 Taylor Kimball

This program is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or (at your option) any later version.

This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. See the GNU General Public License for more details.

You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License along with this program. If not, see