[Deprecated] this is just a start point for uses who wants to use codeigniter with some addon .. this code will not be updated any more
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CodeIgniter [ 2.1 ] Starting Point Project

This is a simple CodeIgniter Starter project so that you can start working on Codeigniter as fast as you can. Additionally there's Sparks packages installed.

Sparks Packages

  1. Debug-Toolbar : 1.0.7 [ready to use]
  2. Layout : 1.0.0 [ready to use]
  3. ion_auth : 2.1.6 [not ready to use]
  4. assets : 1.0.0 [not ready to use]
  5. curl : 1.2.1
  6. mobiledetection : 1.0.1 [ready to use*]

*be sure to modify the MY_Controller.php if you want to stop your controller from checking if its a mobile on every request or if you want to redirect it to another site.



  1. PHP 5.1+
  2. Directory structure for the assets files, with a writeable assets/cache directory


Set all your preferences for each package.

In the config directory your will find a config file called 'application.php' try to edit it to fit your requirement.

Directory structure example


Project URL :


ToDO :

  1. add more documentation & examples.
  2. trying to integrate the jquery-ui-bootstrap
  3. i will remove the layout library and install the template library which is better.

Updates [01/02/2012]:

  • update to the new Twitter bootstrap, which now has a responsive design.
  • fix a problem with the layout library which cause the layout not to be load ( something related to the hooks which can't be loaded from the sparks/layout/1.0.0/config direcctory ), so i had to move it to the main config directory.
  • change the default font family to ubuntu font from google webfonts.

Updates [13/04/2012]:

  • updated the new spark manager.
  • updated ion_auth library ( you will have to configure it ).
  • updated assets library ( you will have to configure it ).