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[Closed/Dead Project] this is a codeigniter library which you can use to deal with amazon sdk , it depends on the official amazon sdk files , you can also use it as a spark library
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Amazon AWS SDK for php

This has been inspired from Kohana-aws-sdk.

It has the full amazon sdk for php.

Requirements :

  • Codeigniter : 2.1.X
  • PHP 5.3.x
  • AWS Account.

Minimum Requirements in a nutshell

  • You are at least an intermediate-level PHP developer and have a basic understanding of object-oriented PHP.
  • You have a valid AWS account, and you've already signed up for the services you want to use.
  • The PHP interpreter, version 5.2 or newer. PHP 5.2.17 or 5.3.x is highly recommended for use with the AWS SDK for PHP.
  • The cURL PHP extension (compiled with the OpenSSL libraries for HTTPS support).
  • The ability to read from and write to the file system via file_get_contents() and file_put_contents().
  • If you're not sure whether your PHP environment meets these requirements, run the SDK Compatibility Test script included in the SDK download.


  • Remember to copy the config/awslib.php file to your config directory and fill out your aws.information.
  • you can leave it at the spark/amazon-sdk/xxx/config directory.


  • Copy the config/storage.php file to your config directory and fill out your aws.
  • Load the spark as usual:
	$s3 = $this->awslib->get_s3();
	$result = $s3->list_buckets();
	echo '<pre>' . print_r($result, TRUE) . '</pre>';

Information :

  • For more information about the AWS SDK for PHP, including a complete list of supported services, see

Updates :

  • [10/09/2012] : updated SDK to version 1.5.15..
  • [10/09/2012] : updated SDK to version 1.5.14 , which added support for Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS) to Amazon S3. This feature enables you to access resources in Amazon S3 buckets from within sandboxed applications (such as Ajax-backed web applications)..
  • [19/08/2012] : updated SDK to version 1.5.11 , and fix a bug in the config file.
  • [19/06/2012] : small fix to the way that the config is loaded, and change the name of the file to awslib.
  • [16/06/2012] : update SDK to version 1.5.7
  • [21/05/2012] : update SDK to version 1.5.6
  • [14/05/2012] : update SDK to verion 1.5.5
  • [05/05/2012] : adding dynamicDB function
  • [25/04/2012] : updated SDK to version 1.5.4