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Fix Dockerfile

Signed-off-by: Thomas Gazagnaire <>
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samoht committed Jun 21, 2017
1 parent 46c2ff9 commit 722a2f45e4e93414ae9af052c31d91c452c1fd98
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@@ -1,10 +1,19 @@
#FROM datakit/ci:latest AS build-env
FROM datakit/ci@sha256:daecb5fa1e017c39323d39bebfc0e6f94762452f46c29aafe115e7270166d692 AS build-env

RUN git -C /home/opam/opam-repository fetch origin && \
git -C /home/opam/opam-repository reset 48cd3001d --hard && \
opam update -u

RUN opam pin add -n --dev
RUN opam pin add -n --dev
RUN opam upgrade datakit-ci datakit-github

ADD . /src
RUN sudo chown -R opam /src

RUN opam config exec make

FROM alpine:3.5

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