@rn rn released this May 12, 2018 · 1078 commits to master since this release

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  • Support for v4.16.x kernels.
  • Support for MPLS, USB_STORAGE, and SCTP support in the kernel config.
  • Support for creating and booting from squashfs root filesystems.
  • Super experimental support for crosvm.
  • Support for compiling with go 1.10.
  • Adjusted hyperkit support to be compatible with soon to be released Docker for Mac changes.


  • containerd updated to v1.1.0.
  • WireGuard updated to 0.0.20180420.
  • Intel CPU microcode update to 20180425.


  • Support for v4.15.x. kernels as they have been EOLed.
  • perf support for 4.9.x kernels (the compile broke).

SHA256 Checksums:

faaa4a74de2b13dce5ece58a43ec0b3323bde93b3ea2ce83c0a761be310d77ad  linuxkit-darwin-amd64
57074fda28aefdefaec96866b178d1d0b8d3e251725c506d4e22851032733649  linuxkit-linux-amd64
f295d9c84ccc43583e5ff4f4a9e52b9f8f78ac57b2848ccdae6f9e29e00350ea  linuxkit-linux-arm64
93cb61805668eaef209bc309ae97ed3e26dd7ae7d4dd4e70f15431b3b2687927  linuxkit-linux-s390x
6b8ad201caf3f0c157f77ca2f8b1976589ce983a3b744b13755460860f9a62d2  linuxkit-windows-amd64.exe