@rn rn released this Jul 10, 2018 · 880 commits to master since this release

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  • New logging support with log rotation.
  • Scaleway provider.
  • Support for v4.17.x kernels.
  • Kernel source are now included in the kernel packages.
  • Improved documentation about debugging LinuxKit.


  • Switched to Alpine Linux 3.8 as the base.
  • containerd updated to v1.1.1.
  • pkg/cadvisor updated to v0.30.2
  • pkg/node_exporter updated to 0.16.0
  • WireGuard updated to 0.0.20180708.
  • Linux firmware binaries update to latest.
  • Improved support for building on Windows.
  • Improved support for AWS/GCP metadata.
  • Better handling of reboot/poweroff.


  • Support for v4.16.x. kernels as they have been EOLed.

SHA256 Checksums:

dcc920d207bcc81155f5bfbf634a53c63da2fe639f49ad50fcf27c135b2d5244  linuxkit-darwin-amd64
e06fe880e84f985bd65ae9a42dbb138bb2deaa24f8156b2a687839ac76dffad4  linuxkit-linux-amd64
befa9e663cb9fec182721a6af517ac499246d819824a3f7600538688ddc5cacc  linuxkit-linux-arm64
0211ae39f417d9e3eaca4fd23f038b01e6ef0d3d7085582faeced8eb7cabb6c6  linuxkit-linux-s390x
b31157596959c811478fe9cf558146318c53d041f80f837317b08956dda81c8a  linuxkit-windows-amd64.exe