@rn rn released this Jul 26, 2018 · 292 commits to master since this release

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  • linuxkit build now works with private repositories and registries.
  • linuxkit pkg build can build packages with sources outside the package directory.
  • New kernel+iso format for linuxkit build.


  • containerd updated to v1.1.2.
  • WireGuard updated to 0.0.20180718.
  • Fixed SSH key handling on GCP.
  • Changed name of logfiles when memlogd/logwrite is used.
  • moby/tool code merged back into linuxkit/linuxkit
  • Smaller mkimage-* packages.

SHA256 Checksums:

5e56a8c3340aa61b25bc5f8b15c9bd997e6260538a9481876661fea5b8b6fc02  linuxkit-darwin-amd64
757ae8ebd476cc8e0d4eff8424ff2a89229797f06ee7b9151b8cf99e288cee14  linuxkit-linux-amd64
b5bf0d2f3a7911113fc4026e1fe4e53e05c1047b2001b85990ec725cf0ad2239  linuxkit-linux-arm64
fd3db1062351ef1984d7f8dd77aa86cf1db672d6cd4f0a660173b629f426d190  linuxkit-linux-s390x
ae91b983b587b87f2b16f97da8d8d7d1cc5a13343e8d3bfb21b005ed6e9d5355  linuxkit-windows-amd64.exe