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Using "foreign" kernels

This directory contains a number of scripts to re-package other distributions kernels into a LinuxKit kernel package. The scripts download the relevant rpms or debs and create a local docker image which can be used in LinuxKit. You can optionally push the package to hub, if you like.

All scripts take slightly different command line arguments (which could be improved) as each distribution uses different naming conventions and repository layouts.


To build a package using the 4.14.11 from the mainline ppa repository, first build the package:

./ foobar/kernel-mainline v4.14.11 041411 201801022143

Here v4.14.11 is the sub-directory of the ppa repository, 041411 seems to be another version used in the name of the debs, and 201801022143 is the date. You can find the names by browsing the ppa repository.

The result is a local image foobar/kernel-mainline:4.14.11, which can be used in a YAML file like a normal LinuxKit kernel image.