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IRC Rules

Don't be a dick.
Use common sense.
Respect the privacy of others.

Base Rules

  • Follow the spirit of the rules, not the letter. If you're not sure, ask.
  1. No spam: This includes repeatedly triggering bots in an excessive manner, "talking to yourself" when no one is participating in the discussion, abusing bots, advertising, or sending meaningless or repeated messages.
  2. Mark NSFW links: Always mark NSFW links clearly.
  3. No unauthorized bots: Sometimes even gonzobot is too much. If you really feel like adding yet another bot, talk to the mod team in #lmrofftopic first.
  4. No long pastes: Do not paste anything containing more than 500 characters and/or 3 consecutive newlines into the channel, use pastebin instead.
  5. No bot abuse: We know they're not human, but if you wanna abuse them, do it outside of the main channel, you can even do it in a pm.
  6. Try to keep ontopic: Don't go on off topic rants. Talk about programming and linux forever, just don't argue with one other person in the main chat for 2 hours straight. You can do that stuff in the #lmrofftopic channel. Same goes with any meta-discussion.
  7. Don't be a jerk.: Be excellent to each other. Statements which are completely hurtful and have no other value will not be tolerated. Offensive jokes can be fine (assuming they're funny); being genuinely hateful is not. This includes mocking others, especially reguarding things such as race, gender, sexual orientation, etc.


Punishments tend to follow a singular 'path' Warning --> Kick --> Multiple Tempbans (Time Varies) --> Final Warning + Possible Tempban or Kick --> Permanent Ban

This 'path' is completely contextual, and depending on the severity of the rule breaking, the rules and punishments are taken as guidelines. The mod team has full discretion of all punishments. Individual mods are, however, discouraged from diverging from it under normal conditions. Instant bans without a warning should only be used on new users purposely causing trouble by breaking multiple rules in a short time.

The "Final Warning" must explicitly state to the user that they will be permanently banned next time if their behaviour doesn't change and must be issued along with one last chance before a permanent ban. If this warning isn't issued, except under special circumstances where instant bans are allowed, the permanent ban should be reverted.

If you want to discuss anything about the mod team, be it the decision made by a mod to ban someone, or the way a mod is acting, you can join #lmrofftopic, where we will hear you out. Just a added note to the above, PMing individual mods will most likely seen by the rest of the mod team, so honestly its not worth complaining about one mod behind their back.