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New features:
- Cinnamon 2D
- Window preview and window thumbnails in ALT-Tab view (optional)
- Workspace OSD
- Keyboard navigation in Scale (close windows with CTRL+W or mouse middle-click)
- Keyboard navigation in Expo
- Expo grid view
- Direct keyboard activation of workspaces 1 through 9 in Expo
- Display of minimized windows as icons in Expo
- Configurable panel height
- Workspaces and Menu pages in Cinnamon Settings
- Logging (Looking Glass output)
- New scale and expo applets
- Notifications applet
- Brightness applet
- New St.IconType.FADED icon style
Bug fixes:
- Gnome 3.4 changes (memory leak fixes, some configuration moved to gsettings, multiple bug fixes)
- Fixed skype chat window stealing the focus
- Fixed attached dialogs leaving window borders on the screen when closing too fast
- Fixed panel autohiding when lookingGlass is open
- Fixed showDesktop applet not always showing the desktop
- Fixed showDesktop applet missing Gimp utility windows
- Fixed places not appearing in menu
- Applets are now aligned in the center when placed in the central zone of the panel
- Improved sound applet layout
- i18n: Update translations
- i18n: Localize menu categories
- Applets: Fix power applet appearing when applets are moved (code refactoring needed)
- System: Fallback on Metacity when Cinnamon crashes
- System: Improve logging (capture stderr output into log files)
- Applet API: Allow applets to provide a gsettings schema (which cinnamon-settings compiles when the applet is installed)
- Settings: Fix settings moved to gsettings since 3.4 changes in cinnamon-settings
- Settings: In Cinnamon Settings, add the ability to delete themes, extensions and applets located in the user's home
- Settings: In Cinnamon Settings, add the ability to view and install themes, extensions and applets from cinnamon-settings
- Layout: Give Cinnamon WM tiling features (fill, grid..etc).
- Fix menu crashing Cinnamon (show a category, Internet for instance, click elsewhere, open a terminal, install a program in that category, Opera for instance, open the menu)
- Fix tooltips on GTK popups appearing behind the popups (and move tooltips when they appear on top of the panel)
- Fix
- Add one-hand keyboard-shortcuts for scale and expo
#Tooltip {
.expo-background {
.window-close-area {
.window-caption#selected {
.switcher-preview-backdrop {
/* ===================================================================
* Workspace OSD
* ===================================================================*/
.workspace-osd {
.expo-workspaces-name-entry {
.expo-workspaces-name-entry#selected {
.expo-workspaces-name-entry:focus {
/* ===================================================================
* Notification Applet
* ===================================================================*/
.notification-applet-padding {
padding: .5em 1em;
.notification-applet-container {
max-height: 100px;
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