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- Fixed: Administration category missing in menu
- Fixed: Blur in Alt-Tab preview
- Fixed: Network Manager applet consumes a lot of CPU
- Fixed: Calendar applet consumes a lot of CPU
- Updated translations
- Flags in keyboard applet
- Fixed: Removing workspace while editing its name results in crash
- Added songbird support to sound applet
- Fixed: Scrolling in window list applet brings all windows to the active workspace
- Fixed: panels visible in firefox fullscreen mode x-shockwave-flash video
- Fixed: two issues with dnd and themes using different background for hovering
- Less CPU: We don't need to fetch the pointer actor, if track_hover is not set.
Muffin 1.1.1
- Fixed: Menubar issues with all Java programs
Nemo 1.0.2
- Dropbox extension
- Fileroller extension
- Configurable units (decimal by default as well as decimal-long, binary and binary-long)
- Use Nautilus style to render the desktop when the theme doesn't support Nemo
- Add gtk bookmarks to right-click->copy-to/move-to
- i18n: Update translations
- i18n: Localize menu categories
- Applets: Fix power applet appearing when applets are moved (code refactoring needed)
- System: Fallback on Metacity when Cinnamon crashes
- System: Improve logging (capture stderr output into log files)
- Applet API: Allow applets to provide a gsettings schema (which cinnamon-settings compiles when the applet is installed)
- Settings: Fix settings moved to gsettings since 3.4 changes in cinnamon-settings
- Settings: In Cinnamon Settings, add the ability to delete themes, extensions and applets located in the user's home
- Settings: In Cinnamon Settings, add the ability to view and install themes, extensions and applets from cinnamon-settings
- Layout: Give Cinnamon WM tiling features (fill, grid..etc).
- Fix menu crashing Cinnamon (show a category, Internet for instance, click elsewhere, open a terminal, install a program in that category, Opera for instance, open the menu)
- Fix tooltips on GTK popups appearing behind the popups (and move tooltips when they appear on top of the panel)
- Fix
- Add one-hand keyboard-shortcuts for scale and expo
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