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Commits on Jul 24, 2012
  1. @clefebvre


    clefebvre authored
  2. @clefebvre
  3. @clefebvre

    Merge branch 'edge-tiling-settings' of…

    clefebvre authored
    …amon into dalcde-edge-tiling-settings
  4. @clefebvre

    Merge branch 'edge-flip' of into d…

    clefebvre authored
  5. @clefebvre

    Merge pull request #952 from ebbes/master

    clefebvre authored
    Add brightness applet
  6. @clefebvre

    Merge pull request #958 from mtwebster/pid

    clefebvre authored
    add function to return the cinnamon PID for debugging purposes
  7. @mtwebster
Commits on Jul 22, 2012
  1. @ebbes
Commits on Jul 20, 2012
  1. @clefebvre

    Merge pull request #847 from mtwebster/log-spam

    clefebvre authored
    Refactoring of Menu applet
  2. @mtwebster
  3. @mtwebster

    Fix clutter error loop resulting from dragging a favorite out to

    mtwebster authored
    remove it.
    To reproduce, drag a favorite from the favorites area to over
    the categories list, and release, and watch log output
  4. @mtwebster

    Few changes per reviewss:

    mtwebster authored
    -Show all apps when menu is opened
    -Improve duplicate app detection to eliminate false-positives
    -Clear selected app name/desc on menu close
    -Adjust keyboard navigation to default to app list when menu is opened
  5. @mtwebster

    Refactor menu applet to use hide/show of actors instead of

    mtwebster authored
    constantly destroying/creating.
    This appears to result in a generally faster experience
    navigating the menu, and the removal of pre-selecting 'all apps'
    upon menu open allows the menu to open faster on its initial run
    (after a cinnamon restart)
    Also, added options to Cinnamon settings (Menu panel) to show
    or hide Recent files, and Bookmarks/Places
Commits on Jul 19, 2012
  1. @clefebvre

    Merge pull request #939 from ebbes/patch-1

    clefebvre authored
    Small cosmetic change: Recent applet now shows "No recent documents" ins...
  2. @ebbes

    Small cosmetic change: Recent applet now shows "No recent documents" …

    ebbes authored
    …instead of an ugly empty PopupMenu.
  3. @clefebvre

    Merge pull request #827 from autarkper/alttab-thumbnails

    clefebvre authored
    Alt-Tab thumbnails
  4. @clefebvre

    Merge pull request #936 from mtwebster/notification-disable

    clefebvre authored
    Send notifications directly to applet if applet is enabled and
  5. @mtwebster

    Remove logging

    mtwebster authored
  6. @mtwebster

    Send notifications directly to applet if applet is enabled and

    mtwebster authored
    notifications are disabled in Cinnamon Settings
  7. @clefebvre
  8. @clefebvre

    Merge branch 'dis/enable-notifications' of…

    clefebvre authored
    …Cinnamon into dalcde-dis/enable-notifications
  9. @dalcde

    Changed name of key

    dalcde authored
  10. @clefebvre

    Merge pull request #915 from autarkper/expo-fix-drop

    clefebvre authored
    Expo: dropping on same workspace is accepted although it is prohibited
  11. @clefebvre

    Merge pull request #931 from autarkper/workspace-name-rework

    clefebvre authored
    Workspace name rework
  12. @autarkper
  13. @clefebvre
  14. @clefebvre

    Merge pull request #927 from autarkper/expo-closing-fix

    clefebvre authored
    Fix rare Expo crash when a window is being created just as Expo is closing.
  15. @clefebvre

    Merge pull request #902 from autarkper/fix-expo-double-ws-delete

    clefebvre authored
    Expo: Ensure that the same workspace is not removed twice - prevent crash
  16. @autarkper
  17. @glebihan
  18. @glebihan
  19. @clefebvre
  20. @clefebvre
Commits on Jul 18, 2012
  1. @autarkper
  2. @autarkper
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