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Commits on Sep 5, 2012
  1. @clefebvre


    clefebvre committed
  2. @clefebvre

    Merge pull request #1079 from autarkper/expo-no-unified-tablist

    clefebvre committed
    Expo: no unified tablist and a lot of refactoring and fixes
  3. @clefebvre


    clefebvre committed
  4. @clefebvre

    Merge pull request #1015 from rjanja/recorder-position-fix

    clefebvre committed
    Adjust position of onscreen recorder indicator
  5. @clefebvre

    Merge pull request #1064 from AlbertJP/patch-2

    clefebvre committed
    No OSD when not moving the window (ctrl-shift-alt)
  6. @clefebvre

    Merge pull request #1039 from Cobinja/workspace_names_in_windows_quic…

    clefebvre committed
    proper workspace name handling in windows quick list applet
  7. @clefebvre

    Merge pull request #1069 from mtwebster/lxml

    clefebvre committed
    Add missing dependency for background picker tool.
  8. @clefebvre

    Added separator and moved close all and close other away from usual a…

    clefebvre committed
    …ctions in window list context menu
  9. @clefebvre

    Merge pull request #1076 from mtwebster/rollup-mtwebster

    clefebvre committed
    Rollup of pull requests for testing purposes
  10. @clefebvre


    clefebvre committed
  11. @autarkper
  12. @autarkper

    Remove CinnamonInfo cruft.

    autarkper committed with autarkper
  13. @autarkper

    Remove fakepointerevent cruft.

    autarkper committed with autarkper
  14. @autarkper
  15. @autarkper
  16. @autarkper
  17. @autarkper
  18. @autarkper
  19. @autarkper
  20. @autarkper

    Don't use Main.getTabList - using it causes strange warning messages …

    autarkper committed with autarkper
    …when exiting Expo (except the first time):
    Window manager warning: Log level 16: invalid (NULL) pointer instance
    Window manager warning: Log level 8: g_signal_handlers_disconnect_matched: assertion `G_TYPE_CHECK_INSTANCE (instance)' failed
    Window manager warning: Log level 8: g_object_unref: assertion `G_IS_OBJECT (object)' failed
    No other ill effects have been observed, but the warning messages are bad enough.
    With the fix we lose the ability to show "orphan" dialogs in Expo.
Commits on Sep 4, 2012
  1. @mtwebster
  2. @mtwebster

    Address #450 -

    mtwebster committed
    - Show absolute path of places/bookmarks in selected app description.
    - Implement enter/return to open functionality with places and recents.
    Also, increased recent files shown to 20, and unburied the value in case
    we want to change it later.
  3. @mtwebster

    Don't use a new applicationsByCategory element without first defining…

    mtwebster committed
    … it.
    Causes problems on some distros - thanks to @vovka-korovka for finding this.
  4. @mtwebster

    Fix non-existant style being removed, remove width style in theme

    mtwebster committed
    that is not needed (originally changed from % to px to remove log
  5. @mtwebster

    Smooth out transitions for categories slightly, make them a bit snappier

    mtwebster committed
    Remove some unused css tags.
    Fixed a CSS issue that was causing some ghosting when using mouse
    and keyboard navigation simultaneously.
  6. @mtwebster

    Simplify menu open/closing code - 2 functions were listening on

    mtwebster committed
    menu 'open-state-changed'.  Also, added a short-circuit 'text-changed'
    callback, which was getting fired when the search box was given focus.
  7. @mtwebster

    Only use tween on category selections if we need to (menu delay is

    mtwebster committed
    in effect from settings)
  8. @mtwebster
  9. @mtwebster

    Further optimizations to menu applet:

    mtwebster committed
    - Remove unneeded signal methods
    - Replace heavily used anon functions
    - Improve method of sorting through hide/show of apps
  10. @mtwebster
  11. @mtwebster

    Address #563 - Keep Cinnamon from crashing if systray applet is removed

    mtwebster committed
    - Shuffled code around in applet
    - Added '_destroy' method to applets, that is called from appletManager
      allows applet to perform some cleanup before it's removed from the stage.
    - Some cleanup in appletManager
  12. @mtwebster
  13. @mtwebster
  14. @mtwebster
  15. @mtwebster
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