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Commits on Mar 25, 2015
  1. @clefebvre

    Merge pull request #3983 from dalcde/error

    clefebvre authored
    Don't treat all warnings as errors (at least until we have fixed all of them :)
  2. @clefebvre

    Merge pull request #3974 from collinss/about-dialog-fix

    clefebvre authored
    Add missing import to modalDialog.js
Commits on Mar 24, 2015
  1. @clefebvre

    Menu/Panel Launchers applets: Don't listen to St directly, refresh wh…

    clefebvre authored
    …en icon theme or active display scale is changed
  2. @clefebvre

    BackgroundManager: Don't rely on delays, read the GNOME settings at s…

    clefebvre authored
    …tartup and update Cinnamon if and only if they actually change.
  3. @clefebvre
  4. @clefebvre

    Menu applet: Removed context menu on recent items (overkill and we're…

    clefebvre authored
    … really struggling with performance at startup)
  5. @clefebvre

    Menu applet: Split refreshing of recent and places into two separate …

    clefebvre authored
    …functions (so we only reload the appropriate part when needed)
  6. @clefebvre

    docInfo.js: Don't use thumbnails, fetching the mtime can take hundred…

    clefebvre authored
    …s of ms per file, and looking them up is even more expensive
  7. @clefebvre
  8. @clefebvre
  9. @clefebvre

    Menu applet: Don't refresh apps initially (Cinnamon sets the theme at…

    clefebvre authored
    … startup so we always get an icon theme change event). Also, removed a few duplicated calls.
  10. @clefebvre
  11. @clefebvre

    Don't overwrite gsettings active-display-scale if it didn't change (o…

    clefebvre authored
    …therwise we trigger events on icon theme changes)
  12. @mtwebster
Commits on Mar 22, 2015
  1. @dalcde
  2. @mtwebster

    Merge pull request #3980 from dalcde/panel-1

    mtwebster authored
    Fix broken panel settings. Fixes #3922
Commits on Mar 21, 2015
  1. @dalcde
Commits on Mar 19, 2015
  1. @mtwebster

    Merge pull request #3858 from pixunil/sound-applet

    mtwebster authored
    Sound applet
  2. @pixunil

    sound applet and soundManager.js changes

    pixunil authored
    new features:
    - application mixer to control the volume of each app
    - input device selector
    - player is via a submenu choosable (if multiple are running)
    - middle click actions can be configured (play / pause or un- / mute)
    - new players, got via DBus, are accessible via the player launcher
    - can slide to 1%
    - seek slider respects mouse scroll
    - output device list refreshes and is like in settings
    - player launcher menu updates after software removed / installed
    - input change is hearable (via new soundManager method)
    - respect DBus property "Rate"
    - input and output sliders have got an icon left to them
    - header "Volume n%" and "Microphone: n%" are in a tooltip
    - dropped class "sound-volume-menu-item"
    - dropped SVGs "player-paused", "player-playing" and "player-stopped" (weren't in use)
    - added new methods to play sounds with a volume
    - repaired gsettings cache
    - adds a save function for arrays and objects for out bindings, as watch doesn't watch the individual indexes
  3. @mtwebster
  4. @collinss
  5. @mtwebster

    Merge pull request #3972 from JosephMcc/stack-tweak2

    mtwebster authored
    fix broken theming of toolbar stack switcher
  6. @mtwebster

    Merge pull request #3973 from RavetcoFX/c6

    mtwebster authored
    Fix Hard Disk line in system info module
Commits on Mar 18, 2015
  1. @RavetcoFX
  2. @JosephMcc
  3. @mtwebster
  4. @mtwebster
  5. @mtwebster

    Merge pull request #3970 from dalcde/settings-switch

    mtwebster authored
    More work on cinnamon settings stacking.
  6. @mtwebster

    spices: Download from the server in a separate thread. This keeps the…

    mtwebster authored
    … ui from freezing
    when there is no spices cache.
  7. @dalcde
  8. @dalcde
  9. @dalcde
Commits on Mar 17, 2015
  1. @clefebvre
  2. @mtwebster

    Merge pull request #3966 from dalcde/csbg

    mtwebster authored
    Ditch (most) uses of Cinnamon Settings SectionBg
  3. @dalcde
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