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Commits on May 27, 2015
  1. @clefebvre

    Updated pot

    clefebvre authored
  2. @clefebvre


    clefebvre authored
  3. @clefebvre

    Merge pull request #4204 from JosephMcc/panel-barrier1

    clefebvre authored
    allow disabling of pointer barriers on all panels
  4. @clefebvre
  5. @clefebvre

    Merge pull request #4208 from linuxmint/notification-time-format

    clefebvre authored
    Follow date format setting in notification applet, closes #4118
Commits on May 26, 2015
  1. @glebihan
  2. @clefebvre

    Merge pull request #4188 from vladimir-didenko/cs_startup_icons

    clefebvre authored
    Load default icon if icon theme doesn't have application icon
  3. @clefebvre
  4. @clefebvre
  5. @clefebvre

    Systray applet: Factorize icon resize code, removed special cases (we…

    clefebvre authored
    … know they don't work for pidgin and thunderbird)
  6. @mtwebster

    Merge pull request #4202 from dalcde/cs-fix1

    mtwebster authored better protection against broken panel config
  7. @JosephMcc
  8. @clefebvre

    Sound applet: Only read position for seek-supported players, only sup…

    clefebvre authored
    …port seek when playback rate is 1.0, don't support seek for Totem/GNOME-MPlayer/Pithos (either getting or setting the position isn't fully functional), only update the position timer once every second
  9. @clefebvre
  10. @clefebvre
  11. @clefebvre

    Network applet: Properly detect active VPN connection at session star…

    clefebvre authored
    …t when updating the panel icon
  12. @dalcde
  13. @clefebvre
  14. @clefebvre
  15. @mtwebster
  16. @mtwebster

    cs_panel: don't connect to settings until the page has been constructed.

    mtwebster authored
    Don't crash and burn if cinnamon isn't running.
  17. @mtwebster

    SettingsWidgets: display the correct number of SpinButton digits depe…

    mtwebster authored
    on the step value. (fixes issue with font scale spinner)
  18. @mtwebster

    Merge pull request #4190 from dalcde/cs-fix2

    mtwebster authored
    cinnamon-settings: be compatible with old gi
  19. @mtwebster

    Merge pull request #4198 from pixunil/cs-themes-fix

    mtwebster authored
    Little cinnamon settings themes fix
  20. @mtwebster

    Merge pull request #4196 from dalcde/doc-fix

    mtwebster authored
    Doc fixes
  21. @mtwebster

    Merge pull request #4194 from JosephMcc/themeManager1

    mtwebster authored
    remove double '/' from paths
Commits on May 25, 2015
  1. @pixunil

    Added missing method to ExtensionSidePage class, which blocked the up…

    pixunil authored
    …date of the indicator of the active theme
  2. @mtwebster

    menu applet: when refreshing happens, apps, recent and places need to…

    mtwebster authored
    … end
    up in the same order as before.  Also, since we empty the whole container
    during an app refresh, we need to rebuild recent and places.  When places
    change, we need to refresh recent also (to maintain order).
  3. @dalcde
  4. @dalcde

    docs: Fix doc image not showing

    dalcde authored
  5. @JosephMcc

    remove double '/' from paths

    JosephMcc authored
  6. @clefebvre

    Merge pull request #4192 from dalcde/launcher

    clefebvre authored
    Fix panel launcher dnd
  7. @mtwebster bring the currently selected screensaver row into

    mtwebster authored
    view when the panel is displayed.
  8. @dalcde
Commits on May 24, 2015
  1. @mtwebster
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