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It would be great if the search function in mintMenu would remember which application has been selected on a search, and offer this one in a preffered order as primary option, on the next search.

The GNOME Shell search function behaves like that, too.

great idea. it would work just like gnome-do.

jepst commented May 31, 2014

I would also like to suggest that searching in mintMenu be optionally extended to support full-text search, via integration with recoll, tracker, or similar.

FWIW, Search using Tracker is available as a separate applet here >

I noticed that Cinnamon settings has keywords based search. For instance, searching for any of these keywords video, driver, wifi, card, hardware, proprietary, nvidia, radeon, nouveau, fglrx would bring up Driver Manager.

Can we have it implemented in Cinnamon Menu as well - as there is a good chance that users could search for same in Menu as well.

related to #1220

I still use gnome-do a lot just because of the intelligent search capabilities. It also has the ability to learn what your preferences are, and choose the right one. For example, after selecting "Emacs GUI" instead of "Emacs Text" a couple times, it always presents that option first.

Customization universal search is a very strong feature that Gnome Do seems to get better than just about anybody else I guess.

If Mint menu added some of those capabilities I would really like it - right now I hide the activation key sequence for the mint menu because it gets in the way of Gnome-Do right now...

I It saddens me to see that this issue has been open for 5 years. And a bunch of related like requests also going nowhere. :(


JosephMcc commented Jun 9, 2017

Alright, lets keep this all in one place. I don't need notifications from all these related issues when people feel the need to copy/paste a response in them.


@JosephMcc JosephMcc closed this Jun 9, 2017

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