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Taking desktop screenshots and running Blender in fullscreen mode does not work. #1353

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Raymund Zacharias
Raymund Zacharias

With Cinnamon only I experience bugs in taking screenshots. It's a problem I saw also other people stumble across, no solution was found yet I think. The image source appears not to get refreshed. It's outdated. Also when I use Blender in Cinnamon when I switch to fullscreen mode the screen becomes one color (greyish) and if you would change anything in Blender (I can't see any controls, but I'm using hotkeys) sometimes the screen switches to a darker color and back. I don't experience neither of those problems in Mate or Gnome 2D and I think those two symptoms might be caused by the same source. Those are severe problems in my opinion.

I'm using Linux Mint 13 Maya (Romeo Channel) 64bit on a ATI/AMD Radeon HD 5850 with the latest beta driver from their website, also an Intel Core 2 Duo E6750 CPU and 4GB RAM. I'm using this PPA for Blender:

At least the screenshot problem also existed with the Stable branch and graphic driver from the repository.

If I should split the issues please say so.

Raymund Zacharias

PS: Cinnamon on ArchLinux on my brother's notebook doesn't make any trouble when taking screenshots. He's got an NVidia graphics controller, but I suppose it might be rather his Cinnamon version. He's got 1.6.6, I've got 1.6.4.

Raymund Zacharias

Both problems disappeared with Linux Mint 14 Nadia RC. Good job.

Raymund Zacharias rayza closed this
Raymund Zacharias

I suppose they only disappeared because I was using the open source driver immediately after the fresh install. The problems started to occur again when I started to use the fglrx driver. I've got a more to the point issue open here: #1513.

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