[REQUEST] Provide stacking option in window list applet. #1364

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The default window list applet could use a bit of polishing, like stacking of windows and a reasonable way to select them via hovering or clicking.
There's already an alternative window list applet available to download which has quite all the features one could want, but those features should be also available in the default one in my opinion and the settings should be easily accessible, because space is getting scarce when having multiple Nemo/Firefox/Cinnamon Settings/etc. windows open.
The alternative window list applet makes it a bit hard to access the settings dialogue and doesn't stack Cinnamon Settings windows.
The settings of (external) applets should be accessible via the applets browser or applets should be able to add settings to cinnamon settings. (See my other suggestion: #1363)

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The fact that there's no stacking in the default window list is a design decision.
And it is indeed the role of alternate applets to provide different functionality.

@glebihan glebihan closed this Nov 14, 2012

+1 for window grouping; that 3rd party applet is pretty buggy. Leaving it out of the default distro may have been a design decision, but it was a BAD decision.


Agreed with n1ywb, and that 3rd party applet doesn't even appear to work with 2.0.12.

Something like app grouping should be in the core set of applets due to the need for it to actually work consistently. The fact that this request is continually popping up despite there being a broken 3rd party applet should also be evidence of that.

The extra features that 3rd party applet supposedly has other than grouping could be left to that applet, but having the grouping function similar to gnome 2, and even gnome 3 classic for that matter, is a very important feature for many people.


I'd really like to be able to group window list items. This feature would be particularly useful for people like me, who usually work with a lot of open windows in a given session. Now that Cinnamon is mature, I think it's a good opportunity to provide the panel with this ability, and not just rely on applets that tend to become obsolete and buggy in the course of time.

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