Blank screen with FGLRX and Cinnamon combination (Problem with maximized borderless windows) #1513

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rayza commented Dec 16, 2012

Sometimes when starting fullscreen (actually maximized borderless windowed mode I presume since I can Alt+Tab around) applications I get a one colored background but not the actual application view. The actual application view is however displayed in the Alt+Tab menu and I can get the application view by temporarily switching to a different TTY and back again. Sometimes it needs multiple attempts. This issue happens e.g. every time with Team Fortress 2, Osmos or the Steam Big Picture mode. The only thing that can be seen beside that one colored background is the "AMD Testing use only" watermark. The application itself though is running normally with e.g. correct sound playback.
This issue only occurs in a combination of using Cinnamon and the FGLRX graphics driver. Also in the Cinnamon panel there are refreshing issues with some icons like the Dropbox icon which doesn't get animated with that combination. When using e.g. Gnome classic, Gnome 3 or Unity this issue doesn't occur. Also the performance when using Cinnamon during gameplay is lower as with other desktop environments. It might be the window manager's fault.
PS: I can not switch to the "radeon" driver since there is no 3D acceleration enabled.


rayza commented Feb 19, 2013

This issue also appears with Blender set to fullscreen or the Steam main window maximized. Applications like e.g games which override the desktop manager aren't affected when set to fullscreen nor when set to windowed (with borders).
As it seems it occurs with every borderless window maximized!


rayza commented Feb 19, 2013

Also it seems to occur only if the borderless window takes the whole screen. When e.g. there's still the panel which is respected when maximized then the borderless window of course doesn't take the whole screen and the bug doesn't show.

dom96 commented Feb 22, 2013

Same issue here. Using AMD Catalyst 13.1 with an AMD Radeon 7750 on Arch Linux.


rayza commented Feb 28, 2013

Apparently it's related to Muffin since, when using Muffin with e.g. Gnome I get the same bug.

I have the same issue running fullscreen games with Cinnamon. Catalyst 13.3 beta 3.

cxshun commented May 30, 2013

Have the same issure when taking sreenshot,it just captured the old desktop environment,may be a few hours ago.
I'm using amd radeon 6370M on linux mint 14.
Just like you all,when I installed the open source driver,everything works find,but after installed fglrx,then everything still the same.

dom96 commented May 30, 2013

I believe a newer version of Cinnamon fixes it. It works for me on Arch Linux at least.

cxshun commented May 30, 2013

A newer version,you mean cinnamon 1.8?I'll try that.Thanks,buddy.

dom96 commented May 30, 2013

indeed. No worries.

Dagon- commented Jun 13, 2013

Experiencing the same thing on a new install of Mint 15. So that's cinnamon 1.8. Rayza, did 1.8 work for you?


rayza commented Jun 13, 2013

I've got Mint 14 (couldn't get Mint 15 running with Mint4Win), Cinnamon 1.8.2+nadia, Muffin 1.8.1+nadia, fglrx 2:12.104-0ubuntu1 and I don't get any blank screens anymore. I'm using lightdm atm, but I was using it even before when those things didn't work.

Dagon- commented Jun 14, 2013

Ok, I tried fglrx 2:12.104 and after some messing around getting them installed it seems to be working.

For anyone still stuck with this a quick and dirty workaround is to just switch consoles away from the application and then back as noted here:

Tried it before changing the driver and it did work.

@rayza Seems like an old issue. Can this be closed if it does not occur now in Cinnamon 2.2?


JosephMcc commented Nov 3, 2015

Closed due to inactivity.

JosephMcc closed this Nov 3, 2015

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