Shutdown dialogue window doesn't grab focus. #1813

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darkonc commented Mar 23, 2013

In LinuxMint 14 Cinnamon 64 and 32 bit,

When I choose 'shutdown' in the menu or hit the power button on my laptop, I get a "Shutdown this system now?" dialog box.

At this point, I would like/expect to be able to use the keyboard for the final functions.
(tab/arrow keys to choose between options and enter/space to execute)

Unfortunately, I then need to use my mouse to click on (usually) "suspend"
The dialogue does not have focus unless no other window has focus when it starts up.

-- Turns out that the actual problem is that this window doesn't grab focus when it pops up. Given that this is almost a 'must interact with' window (unless you up and just walk away and let it time out and shutdown) it seems strange that it doesn't grab focus.

Repeatability: (almost) Always
Please grab focus and so enable the use of keyboard navigation on this dialogue box. It is (at least for me) a relatively commonly used one.


I second this bug.


It's not new #717


But that is a closed issue, so I'll leave this one open.


I'm experiencing a similar issue. Login dialog does not have focus and there are no keyboard controls or mouse controls available. Need to switch user and log back in through the main login screen.

Ubuntu 12.04.3 LTS

Package: cinnamon
Priority: optional
Section: gnome
Installed-Size: 2971
Maintainer: Linux Mint
Architecture: amd64
Version: 2.0.14-20131203040103-precise


@JasonSheedy This issue not about the login screen, but about the dialog with suspend, restart, shutdown options.


@AlbertJP It seems closely related. The problem is not with the main login screen, but with the login dialog. When the system locks the desktop or when it's done manually (ctrl-alt-l), the login dialog will not allow focus on the password field. Several times, I've typed my password and it was output on screen in some other application. This is a MAJOR security issue. Should I create a separate ticket for this?


@JasonSheedy The lock screen is in the cinnamon-screensaver package, so please create a bug there.


Maybe related to this issue on Launchpad.


Should be fixed by this: linuxmint/cinnamon-session@b9f245a

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