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Autostart applications on specific workspaces #1824

balliet opened this Issue · 18 comments

Provide an option for applications to be started on specific workspaces following boot-up of the computer so the user does not have to manually place windows onto the workspaces one at a time.


Would love to see this implemented.


+1 from me.


+2 here, this would be brilliant


I'd like that very much as well


This would be the logical consequence of how the workspaces are implemented in Linux Mint.


boot-up of the computer

hibernate instead




I would love to see this too as well as being able to auto launch an application on specific monitor with a dual monitor setup.


Great feature


+1 for sure and given some guidance I'd be happy to help with the implementation too




+1 This is an essential feature to autostart. Without this feature autostart is utter useless for most things sadly.


+1 not a fan of using wmctrl in script at startup


Closing in favour of more comprehensive #4161

@dalcde dalcde closed this
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