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alt+F2 then alt+tab #1841

lejar opened this Issue · 11 comments

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If alt+tab is pressed when the run command dialogue is open (alt+F2), the run dialogue window will lose focus and focus cannot be regained. When this happens, the mouse cannot be used to interact with windows and the screen is greyed out.

Using cinnamon 1.6.7 on Ubuntu 12.10.


(Not reproduced in Mint 14.)


I have a very similar issue (I may file another bug report) when I quickly ALT-TAB. I can't reproduce it, since I don't know if I am accidentally hitting another key besides ALT-TAB, but when it happens, the symptoms are what @lejar mentions: a dimmed, greyed-out screen that doesn't respond to keys or mouse actions.

I have to ALT-F2, r to restart Cinnamon and get back to normal. Running Mint14 + Cinnamon 1.6.7


Has any one tried pressing esc when the screen is grayed out?


Just happened again, and confirmed that ESC does not help


Not reproduced on Fedora 17 (Gnome 3.4), most current masters of Cinnamon and Muffin.


I have exactly same problem as lejar on ubuntu 12.10

Drives me insane actually because of how often it happens. Is there any replacement for alt+f2 run command dialogue for the time being?


Please reopen if you can reproduce the problem in Cinnamon 1.8 or later.

@autarkper autarkper closed this

Issue persists on Cinnamon 1.8.2 and Ubuntu 13.04

@autarkper autarkper reopened this

btw can I provide additional information of somehow debug it myself?


@debunge: The tail of ~/.xsession-errors may contain some interesting information after a crash. You can also restart cinnamon from a shell to see its console output: "cinnamon --replace &".


I just experienced this issue. Sadly at work right now so can't debug terribly much. Posting this to remind myself to debug more. Also feel free to poke me. On ubuntu 12.04.

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