Nothing is clickable in the panel on startup #1843

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dtrunk90 commented Apr 4, 2013

It's due to the notification bubble (I guess it's coming from Jupiter):
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As long as this bubble is visible I can't click anything on the panel.
It doesn't affect the desktop. This issue only affects the panel!


dalcde commented Apr 4, 2013

It might not be due to the notification. My guess would be that:
Bug -> Cinnamon freeze
Cinnamon freeze -> Notification stays

When Cinnamon unfreezes => Notification goes


bimsebasse commented Apr 5, 2013

Are you using Cinnamon in Ubuntu? I can see that's a notify-osd notification - it interferes with Cinnamon's native notifications. In Ubuntu, if you want to keep the default session intact, I guess you'll have to live with it, but in Mint 14 with Cinnamon nightly/github Cinnamon, notify-osd can and should be uninstalled.

I've been seeing this too for about 2 weeks - I'd been waiting to see if updates fixed the problem so hadn't reported it until now. Using the latest Cinnamon nightly build from the "gwendal-lebihan-dev" ppa on Launchpad. At first I thought it was a graphics driver issue, but I'm getting the same thing on my desktop running Ubuntu 13.04 Beta (NVidia graphics) and my laptop running Ubuntu 12.10 (Intel). Usually I can't click on anything in the top bar, and don't get any tooltips, although sometimes momentarily I can. Weird...


dtrunk90 commented Apr 7, 2013

Yes, it's the notify-osd message. But Ubuntu One uses the same which works just fine. It's only the one from jupiter on startup.

I, too, am having this problem, and I don't even have notify-osd installed on my machine. After experimenting, it almost seems like Cinnamon is detecting the wrong screen resolution/size. I say this because when I maximize a window, the window covers the entire display (as expected) but als covers the area where the panel is, but the panel is still in front of the window (not behind). Strangely, I can resolve this problem when I hover the mouse pointer over the area where the panel appears, but before it actually appears immediately after I login. This solution doesn't work everytime, for example logging out and then logging back in. And when this "solution" does work, I'm thinking that it is forcing Cinnamon to recalculate the size of the desktop, or something like that.


dtrunk90 commented Apr 11, 2013

@bwright1558 This seems to be another issue

@dtrunk90 I agree. I just reinstalled my display/login manager (gdm) and my issue appears to be resolved. Not sure if this is exactly what fixed it, but whatever. If my issue occurs again, I'll create a different thread (assuming the issue I encountered is different from this thread).


dtrunk90 commented Apr 11, 2013

this only happens with jupiter notifications

It happened to me after playing with hotcorner settings. I re-installed gdm and uninstalled notify-osd, but the issue remains after several logins. Execution of 'cinnamon --replace' once cinnamon is loaded and "frozen" fixes the issue

Not sure if this is exactly the same issue, but whenever any type of pop-up notification is visible whether it be from Skype, Pidgin, or Network Manager, nothing on any panel is clickable. As soon as the notification closes the panel becomes clickable again. This only started recently, probably when I upgraded to 13.04.


AlbertJP commented May 21, 2013

Fixed with muffin 1.8.2.

@AlbertJP AlbertJP closed this May 21, 2013


dtrunk90 commented May 26, 2013

Confirmed, this is fixed. Thanks a lot!

ZamanOof commented May 22, 2016

I have the same problem with applets and notification and when Cinnamon start show this message


JosephMcc commented May 22, 2016

@ZamanOof your issue is different. Open Cinnamon Settings and check your installed applets, desklets and extensions. Whichever one is causing the issue should show with a red dot next to it. Disable it and the restart Cinnamon or log out and back in. Make sure you report the issue to the xlet developer.

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