Touchpad not working correctly after upgrade. #2459

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Hey there, after upgrading to Cinnamon 2.0.2-20131011040307-precise (Ubuntu 12.04 LTS) the touchpad of my Lenovo T420 Thinkpad is missing the click function and the scroll with two fingers function. Both of them are working fine under Gnome and Unity but not under cinnamon. Can you please fix this?

Thanks indeed!



Did you try to change it in the options?
I got the same problem, which turned to be a matter of prefernces.In the mouse preferences you have something like "enable touchpad click" and "Scrolling", and changing them will fix it all.


I have the same problem on my macbook pro. Two finger scroll and soft tap has stopped working.

Works okay on gnome/unity etc, its stopped since the recent upgrade.

My mouse settings are all okay too.



Ok, it did work like 'homoSapiensSapiens' said. You have to adjust the mouse/touchpad settings in the Cinnamon Menue (Systemsettings/Controlcenter via the Menuebutton)... It works for me now under gnome and cinnamon...
Thanks a lot for the quick response...


me too.. was quite hidden but finally found it..

screenshot from 2013-10-13 19 39 59


How is that hidden? It was under "Mouse and Touchpad" and under the "Touchpad" tab.

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@mtwebster, if you look at @bhcopeland's first post, it looks like they were looking for the setting in Gnome settings rather than Cinnamon settings. I guess we have another victim of #2408.

sixman9 commented Nov 14, 2013

Sorry to raise the dead but I too was unable to restore two finger scrolling within the mouse/tablet applet on Cinnamon desktop after a recent Ubuntu 12.04 update (the two finger scroll radio button option was visible, but does nothing when selected).

I used the info in the following post to install a script which restores two finger scrolling at start-up. This is tested working on 12.04:

Basically, it sets a variable accessible via the 'synclient' command (that command alone will list the current set of values).

I hope this helps someone.


go to dconf-editor and find the settings daemon. you can find the touchpad in the peripherals dialog.

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