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Pidgin icon dissappears from tray icon area #246

alefq opened this Issue · 8 comments

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Pidgin tray icon behaves oddly. First it appears cropped, and when that happens, it dissappears at the next new message arrival. See the screenshots. I'm using Cinnamon 1.2 at Mint 12.


I've seen this with Pidgin, and rarely, with other icons as well. It usually fixes itself in the normal course of things though.


I have Pidgin on constantly, and I have never experienced this issue. I am using the fedora version, not sure if that would have anything to do with it.


I can confirm this behaviour. The icon is not visible, but it still reacts to mouse clicks. Running 1.2.0-1ubuntu1~oneiric here.


Moved to #481

@clefebvre clefebvre closed this

The problem arises again. I can't see skype, pidgin, gyachi (any software) tray icon.
To get the icon on the tray, I have to go to the software, disable the icon, and re-enable it again.
Otherwise, I have to use the extension: restart Cinnamon
I am using Cinnamon 1.4 (latest nightly build for Ubuntu).


I know this one is closed and it points to #481 but nothing is being done there either. I thought this would be sort of high priority to fix.


It still exist in Cinnamon 2.2.16 - even more annoying now, because blank space is not clickable, so it's not just missing image icon.


Same problem in 2.2.14 on F20. Confirming that blank space is unclickable. Following the tip of enabling Cinnamon to scal panel text and icons fixed the issue. The solution was described in this iissue: #481


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