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[Bug] Accessibility Zoom crashes when Gedit run / USB flash drive inserted / Cinnamon restarted #2865

rojthevorlon opened this Issue · 0 comments

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The Zoom function is broken under 2.0 and crashes sporadically.

1) On occasion, inserting a USB flash drive with zoom enabled will freeze the system video. An ACPI shutdown may (but not always) shut the system down cleanly.

2) Starting Gedit with zoom enabled more often than not crashes zoom, resulting in a regular sized desktop and no zoom functionality. A reboot restores the zoom function.

3) Restarting Cinnamon with the desktop zoomed will ALWAYS crash the zoom function, resulting in a normal sized desktop and no zoom until a reboot.

I'm running Mint 13 LTS x64 with the Cinnamon backports installed. These issues occur using either the standard video drivers on one system and the proprietary ATI drivers on another system.

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