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Menu starts random app on click #292

kneekoo opened this Issue · 7 comments

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I can't find a pattern for this bug, but every now and then when I click the Cinnamon Menu button (bottom left on the panel) an application starts without even displaying the content of the Cinnamon menu. I then have to click "Menu" again so I can start whatever I wanted and of course close the other application. It's not the same application that starts every time but it's all random - from different categories. I don't even think it happened twice for the same app to start up.

Just a few minutes ago it happened again, although the last time it happened was 2-3 days ago - I thought Cinnamon 1.2 fixed it but it looks like it didn't. In some days the bug gets triggered more than once but I guess it also depends on how many times a day I click the Menu button. Probably I hit it less times the last few days.

P.S. Linux Mint 12 32-bit


Also experiencing this. What I thought was happening was that the menu was there, but not rendering. As I moved my mouse in anticipation of it being there, I think I was somehow accidentally clicking something (laptop touchpad). That's just my guess though, and I'm just guessing more than anything. It happens so randomly and quickly (it doesn't register in my mind until after it happens) I'm not really sure what I was doing with the mouse. If you aren't using a laptop then I guess that renders my hypothesis wrong.

Ubuntu 64-bit


This happens on a desktop PC, with a regular mouse. When the random app starts I don't even see the menu being displayed and on top of that, most of the times I didn't even get to move my mouse over off the Menu button. So it's not a very fast and invisible click but just a random silly bug.

I tried to reproduce the bug by repeatedly clicking the Menu button tens of times, even double-clicking it but I couldn't reproduce the bug. It just happens out of the blue.


Well, that throws my idea out the window. This is about all I can contribute. Not sure where to look, how to log the occurrence...etc.


Sorry... it would've been quite nice if the touchpad would've caused the issue but I can't figure it out either. I hope the developers will at least add some debugging/logging tools in Cinnamon so we can find out what causes it or at least the circumstances under it happens.

If it's not easy to find out what causes it, here's an idea for the developers. Create a debugging version that will test these conditions, if possible:
1. Is the Menu button clicked ("mouse-button-down")? If yes, make a snapshot of the started processes.
2. Has a new application been started after "mouse-button-up"? If yes, did the mouse move from the Menu button or not?
3. If it moved, did it "jump" to another location on the screen? If it did and the distance is large, it's probably a touchpad. If it's a small distance, it can be a false report (fast mouse movement) but then the position of the cursor would have to be tested.
4. Where is the mouse cursor? Is it far enough on the right in order to start an application? Is it in the right area to start an application from the favorites?


@kneekoo Please try Cinnamon 1.4 and close the issue if it has been fixed.


Running 1.4

I haven't noticed it happening for sometime so I guess it's been fixed.

@glebihan glebihan closed this

Indeed, this stopped happening after I installed Cinnamon 1.4.

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