Hovering over where an application menu item will be, activates that item when the menu appears. #313

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Sometimes the application menu is slow to appear, that's fine. What's wrong however, is that if your cursor happens to be hovering over where a program icon will be, then when the menu finally does appear, it activates or clicks that item. Unintentionally running programs you didn't click on. That has to be a bug.

The user is forced to click the menu button and freeze their hand until the menu actually appears, if they want to be sure they don't accidentally run something.

Here's a video to demonstrate: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-c2ENcXPn8c

Here's my menu:
As you can see, where my cursor was in the video was directly on top of the terminal icon.


Click and wait for menu to appear. Accidentally hovering over where terminal icon will be.
For some reason, the terminal is clicked whenever the menu finally does appear.

EDIT: Ah, sorry. I think this may be a duplicate of bug #292. I didn't notice it earlier when posting.


AlbertJP commented Mar 9, 2012

Issue doesn't seem to exist in latest cinnamon. However I use a bottom panel instead of top one - perhaps it matters?

Edit - after placing the panel at the top, I still can't reproduce it.

If it's also fixed for you in Cinnamon 1.3.x then please close this one.

I think it's indeed a duplicate of #292, but in that case you should also add a link to your video there. At #292 it's still not very clear how to reproduce the problem.

I'm sorry for the delay. I forgot about this after a few days of no questions. I think it may have been fixed as well. It was a fairly common occurrence on my machine, but after upgrading to 1.3 (a while ago), I haven't had the problem since. Mark as closed?


AlbertJP commented Mar 16, 2012

@dementedsnake Yes please.

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