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Crash When alt-tabbing very fast #316

akshetpandey opened this Issue February 09, 2012 · 12 comments

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Akshet Pandey Dave Nicolae Crefelean Albert Pool
Akshet Pandey

Cinnamon crashes for me sometimes when I press and release alt-tab very fast.
I am using the minty theme, if you can tell me where the crash log is located, I will post the logs.


Hi, I can't reproduce this at all. I can alt-tab as fast as my fingers will carry me and all Cinnamon does is switch between windows. Also used the Minty theme for this. All you do to cause this is press and release alt tab quickly? Could you provide some hardware specs? Maybe it's being caused by a display driver or something.

Akshet Pandey

I have a Asus G73JW (i7 720, 8GB). I am using a razer blackwidow keyboard (this might be the cause?).

To reproduce :
1. Open A File In Gedit and open a terminal (It doesn't seem to work with an empty file. Crash doesn't really require gedit or the terminal, but I can easily reproduce using this pair.)
2. Alt tab between them quickly multiple times.
3. Get A Crash

It might be because of a race condition. Maybe it hasn't finished switching between the window and another alt+tab causes it to crash?

PS : Will post video of crash soon

Nicolae Crefelean

I experienced many crashes as well but only after I installed the Coverflow Alt-Tab extension. However, yesterday I updated it from v1.0 to v1.1 and so far I had no crashes at all, regardless the speed of my alt-tabbing. It might be a bit soon to report "no crashes" but if they happen again I'll get back here to report.

Akshet Pandey

I don't have that extension installed. I only have the weather extension installed.
Video Of Crash :

Akshet Pandey

In this particular case cinnamon restarted Successfully, but in some cases it fail to restart and only fix is to restart lightdm, loosing all unsaved data (Its impossible to navigate after cinnamon has crashed, keyboard does't work and menu button are not accessible by mouse).

Nicolae Crefelean

It crashed again. I tried Alt-Tabbing two different ways:

  1. Fast/normal/slow Alt-Tab by keeping the Alt key pressed. This caused no crash.
  2. Fast/normal/slow Alt-Tab by releasing both keys. This causes the crashes after several Alt-Tabs.

It's also worth to mention that the many times Cinnamon crashed it only happend once (yesterday) that cinnamon didn't restart successfully with everything I had open. After this particular crash the window title bars didn't show up anymore and only the right-click worked - left-click didn't. I had to press Ctrl-Alt-Backspace to restart Gnome.

Software combination during the above mentioned test:

  • Linux Mint 12 32-bit
  • Cinnamon 1.2
  • Coverflow Alt-Tab extension 1.1

kneekoo, regarding your crashes, can you test whether it happens without the Coverflow extension. If it does not then maybe you would be better off reporting it to the developer of that extension.

Akshet Pandey

psych, I dont have that extension installed but I do get a crash. Is there some way to get the debug info?

Albert Pool

You can run cinnamon --replace in terminal to see the logs.

Please install the latest Cinnamon 1.4 and try again - please close this issue if the bug doesn't exist anymore.

Akshet Pandey

I will test it out and tell you within a day. A bit busy right now

Albert Pool

No problem.

Akshet Pandey akshetpandey closed this March 17, 2012
Akshet Pandey

I cannot reproduce this problem in 1.4.0, closing

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