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Suggestion: log in and log out sounds #337

moray33 opened this Issue · 2 comments

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There are just two little details but it would be nice to have log in and log out sounds. I use Ubuntu and when I run Unity (almost never since I installed Cinnamon) I ear them, but not in Cinnamon. I've always liked this kind of sounds.


I created a new user in my PC and when I log in that new user I hear the log in sound... So, I deleted all the configuration files from the home folder of my (old) user and after that when I log in, I hear the sound. So I think when I installed Cinnamon, some configuration about this may have changed.

(Actually it looks that there's no log out sound, I think it was. I'm using Ubuntu since just some days ago.)


Closing due to inactivity. If you think this still might be an issue, see the instructions here to try a newer version. If the problem still exists, we'll reopen the issue.

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