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bimsebasse commented Feb 17, 2012

For panel-button and panel-status-button you could define style for active and focused behaviour - is that a no go with the applet-box? It does put a damper on what you can achieve with themes compared to Cinnamon 1.2 (and Gnome Shell).

Tried ".applet-box:pressed", ".applet-box:focused" and ".applet-box:active" but it was having none of it.

If there is a workaround I'd very much like to see it :o)


clefebvre commented Feb 18, 2012


I'm really bad with CSS myself, but check the applet section of the default theme... in there we tell applet-box to impact the visuals of applet-icon and applet-label using this: .applet-box:hover > .applet-icon

Maybe you can use something similar?

Or maybe something like .applet-box .panel-status-button:active

Please do let us know if you find a way. In the window list and panel launchers we had to make the applet-box non-reactive. I'd hate it if we had to do the same with the systray... we're looking for a fix on these as well, so we can access the applet-box itself, but also have the content react individually.


bimsebasse commented Feb 18, 2012

No joy, it's all hover effects. Say if you want your panel buttons to only change appearance when pressed, that is not possible in 1.3 (or, it's not possible with applet-box), you can only define hover behaviour on label and icon, no active or focused or pressed behaviour. Or at least I can't figure it out, the search continues :o) Thanks for the suggestions.


clefebvre commented Mar 5, 2012

@bimsebasse, come and chat with us on #linuxmint-dev

We're there pretty much every day. You've got knowledge of CSS we don't, and we know how the code works. Objects can implement multiple CSS classes and pseudo-classes so I'm sure we can find ways to give you the support you need to make better themes.

Closing this issue for now.

@clefebvre clefebvre closed this Mar 5, 2012

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