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Login to cinnamon desktop on ubuntu 12.04
open cinnamon settings from cinnamon app menu
open firefox from from cinnamon app menu
minimize firefox using panel window list
minimize cinnamon settings using panel window list
try to restore cinnamon settings from panel (left click window list item) nothing happens no matter how may time you click it

Using a A6-3500 APU with open source drivers


I can't reproduce this issue.


odd i have a 100% reproduction rate
will try to reproduce in virtualbox and post back
edit virtualbox lacks the gpu power and gives gnome-fallback


open cinnamon settings (left side of menu)
minimize cinnamon settings using the panel left click
click again to restore and it does nothing (if i click the desktop then try to restore it works)


it seems to be a conky conflict
where can i upload a attachment of my conky settings (if needed)

Edit using VINDSL's conky theme


If you install Guest Additions in virtualbox you can usually just run Cinnamon instead of fallback.

If you want to attach any text you can paste it on and give us the link.


i have had issues using that mainly cause the guest os wants a newer version than the host os has
Host OS is 10.04 Guest is 12.04
i have been running 12.04 on a second rig
here is the guide i used to setup conky


reproduction rate drops if you run cinnamon --replace after conky is already running
it is 100% with conky (with VINDSL's theme) as a startup application


the same issue is 100% reproducible for me on Ubuntu 12.04 powered laptop. When I exit conky everything works pretty fine, but if conky is running and I minimize any window using panel window list it won't be restored by another click untill I click to the desktop or other window. Seems conky catch up the focus when the window is minimized by click on a panel and doesn't want to give it back

I'm using Asus N53JG with intel GPU enabeled. Please, let me know if you need more details

NiksaVel commented May 1, 2012

I have a fresh install of the latest LMDE - the issue is 100% reproducible while conky is active. As soon as I kill it everything is back to normal.
I can restore apps by right clicking on the minimized app and selecting restore... but it's impractical.


This sounds like the same bug in Issue #71


It's a duplicate. But #71 is already closed so I think we can go on here.


Closing due to inactivity. Please reopen if you can reproduce the problem in a recent Cinnamon version.

@autarkper autarkper closed this May 26, 2013

I've been experiencing the same problem for a while and was frustrated a lot about cinnamon for that reason. Fortunately I've found the solution and now I never experience this problem. The problem in my case was - Hot corners - Go to Cinnamon Settings | Hot Corners. Disable hot corners and problem is gone.

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