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Panel disappears when using recordmydesktop #626

GM-Script-Writer-62850 opened this Issue Apr 18, 2012 · 16 comments


None yet

i was going to record a bug when i encountered this
using a ubuntu 12.04 on a AMD A-3500 APU with the open source driver (it runs circles around fglrx)
anyway i installed recordmydesktop vie software center so i could record bug #624
i opened record my desktop hoping it would not have a tearing issues line it does on my 10.04 install with a nvidia driver
i clicked record and there went my panel
not know the keyboard shortcut to stop the recording i restarted lightdm via command line (ctrl+alt+t)


AlbertJP commented Apr 19, 2012

Could you run Cinnamon in terminal with cinnamon --replace, and check if any messages appear at the end of the output when launching recordmydesktop?

cinannmon did not crash when recording, it's panel just disappears


dalcde commented Apr 20, 2012

If memory serves, you should use recordmydesktop --noframe instead

thanks will give that a try

seems "--no-frame" works but it just gives a error when i use it in gtk-recordmydesktop


mtwebster commented Sep 10, 2012

Closing due to inactivity. If you think this still might be an issue, see the instructions here to try a newer version. If the problem still exists, we'll reopen the issue.

@mtwebster mtwebster closed this Sep 10, 2012

This bug is still happening, I'm using mint 13 with cinnamon 1.6.4+maya from the romeo repo. Is it possible to get this opened again, or would we regard this as a recordmydesktop bug and not cinnamons fault,

lupa18 commented Nov 28, 2012

Please reopen. Here the same issue. With Cinnamon 1.4.0 (Mint Maya) and recordMyDesktop v0.3.8.1

I am also having this bug.

Please @bagjunggyu , can you post the solution you used? Because your link is broken.
EDIT[TIP]: use simplescreenrecorder, its way better

Hello @andersonmadeira The link above was revealed as unstable
But, I forgot to delete that link here
I applogize for this missing link and unproper information
however , vokoscreen is working perfectly now

mint 17 for
apt install vokoscreen

others , download it from here

This is happening on Linux Mint 17.2 as well. @mtwebster can you please reopen the bug so that folks can provide details?

The recordmydesktop --no-frame option runs it just from the command line with no UI, so it works since it avoids creating any UI which is what's causing the problem.

So the solution is to use without gui because there's no fix or ppl from cinnamon dont want to fix it ?

pviotti commented Apr 13, 2016

This is still an issue on Cinnamon 2.8.6 (Ubuntu 15.10).
I confirm that SimpleScreenRecorder is a valid alternative to RecordMyDesktop.

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