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[DND] Cannot drop anywhere in area that lies on top of hidden panel (Expo window-close area) #1307

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Per Ångström
Per Ångström

This fixes an issue that makes drag and drop sometimes not work.

Steps to reproduce:
1. Arrange to have a fairly tall panel at the bottom.
2. Open expo and drag a window to the window-close area that should become visible in the lower part of the screen.
3. Drag the window down to base of the screen, all the time within the window-close area.

Desired behavior: As long as the cursor is within the window-close area the cursor should indicate that dropping is allowed.
Actual behavior: As soon as the cursor enters the area where the panel usually is visible the cursor changes to indicate that dropping is not allowed.

Disclaimer: this is a small fix that may have wide-reaching implications. The fix should be thoroughly tested in different drag-and-drop scenarios.

Per Ångström

Better close this before it starts to rot.

Per Ångström autarkper closed this January 31, 2013
Per Ångström autarkper deleted the branch January 31, 2013
Per Ångström autarkper restored the branch June 08, 2013
Per Ångström autarkper deleted the branch June 08, 2013
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Dec 15, 2012
Per Ångström [DND] Only pick reactive actors as drop targets. 1d9ac35
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  1. 2  js/ui/dnd.js
2  js/ui/dnd.js
@@ -404,7 +404,7 @@ _Draggable.prototype = {
404 404
             this._dragActor.set_position(stageX + this._dragOffsetX,
405 405
                                          stageY + this._dragOffsetY);
406 406
-            let target = this._dragActor.get_stage().get_actor_at_pos(Clutter.PickMode.ALL,
+            let target = this._dragActor.get_stage().get_actor_at_pos(Clutter.PickMode.REACTIVE,
408 408
                                                                       stageX, stageY);
409 409
410 410
             // We call observers only once per motion with the innermost

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