Enlarged menu icons and added hover time to category buttons #293

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It's about issue #290 and #300. I have changed the icon's sizes and it does look better. Category buttons now have to be hovered for 150ms to select his category, preventing the user from accidentally change the category.


Yep, exactly what I was asking for!


About it being customizable, I will ask clem and if he agrees, I'll implement it, but I don't think it is necessary to change the icon size, this sizes seem perfect.


Cool. Thank you for fixing these.


Well, I wouldn't have fixed it if you didn't report it, so thank YOU! =)

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The code changed because of the migration towards applets and I wasn't able to pull your changes. I replicated them though and they're now in Cinnamon.

I also made the hover delay configurable in cinnamon settings. One thing that still doesn't work though... and it's particularly visible if you set the delay to 2seconds... after the delay, the category is selected even if the mouse pointer has left the button. It doesn't properly detect that the button isn't hovered anymore.

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