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Branches and important things to know

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For any queries: #linuxmint-dev


  • master is used to develop (it is not always stable)
  • stable is used in preparation for releases (in theory it should always be stable)
  • tags in stable refer to releases

You should not build from the master branch. If you want to build the latest release you should take stable and reset it to the latest release tag (1.4 for instance). If you want to build Cinnamon git-latest, you should use the latest state of the stable branch.

If you like experimental Cinnamon you could build master, and report issues about it, but don't forget to say that you are using master instead of stable. Master may require building a newer version of Muffin too. Also if you want to help us by contributing code for new features please use master, as the stable branch mainly receives bugfixes.

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