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TODO list and current goals
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    x-caja-desktop fix
    MDM session limiting
    libreoffice 4.4 in 17.x
    inkscape 0.9.1
    ubuntu-drivers-common can be updated to from trusty-updates,, is now upstream


Update tapatalk API on forums
pkgs: unity-greeter pkg
rel notes: no network after suspending?
upgrade inxi to 2.1.28
mate: The Mate Panel right side application indicator icons and clock, and when some other icons are pinned there scramble and get switched around and stay in the middle of the Panel sometimes – when changing Desktop resolution.
MDM: reinterpret "default" session.. DESKTOP_SESSION should be set properly
nemo: can no longer handle desktop in root session
On MATE version I have trouble with the screenshot action.. when I press printscreen on my keyboard always freezing… same thing happen when I open screenshot app manually..
Cinnamon: can't connect to WPA enterprise
Cinnamon: port this
Cinnamon: factorize GVC code across multiple projects
kdeenlive: missing german translations
mintupdate: possibility to turn on a automatic disapear of the Update Manager window after it's successful done
kodi/xbmc instructions tell people to install python-software-properties and software-properties-common
backport HPLIP 3.15.2

KDE/Xfce Mint 17.1

    When logging in an existing session, doesn't unlock xscreensaver / of KDE screensaver

    Many config-type things in the menu are missing from xfce4-settings-manager. Examples are mdmsetup; Languages; and ‘Users and groups’.
    Menu doesn’t update automatically to include KDE applications. Installed kate and krusader (most useful file manager ever!)
    indicator-applet patch:


Add va-driver-all to the list of installed packages (fixes black bands with Intel GPUs)
mintwelcome wants to install mint-meta-codecs instead of mint-meta-debian-codecs


    disable telemetry/reset/etc notifications
update bash.bashrc and .bashrc
support broadcom ootb
xfce 4.12
lo start app points to missing lo-base
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