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release process:
    add mini to store
    add new hoods

csd: 100% CPU?
mdm: utils scripts mdm-stop etc.. aren't in the package
cinnamon-session: port

Linux Mint 18.2 [Implemented]

        option to prefer dark theme
        now loads subtitles files automatically
        no longer shows subtitles by default
        fixed OSD
        cycle through languages with L key
        cycle through subtitles with S key
        control playback speed with [], {}, Backspace
        show seek position in OSD
        removed visualizations
        focus window when a video file is opened
        implement simpler layout (ala Parole), all controls on one line, remove statusbar

        sorting lines:
            add a simple Edit->Sort Lines (F9), which sorts the selection or the entire file (if no selection is done)
            make sure it's undoable
            remove the sort plugin
        import libpeas support from gedit, to allow python3 extensions
        add word-wrap setting to View menu and buttons available in the toolbar customization
        mousewheel across tabs
        new UI, smart side/bottom bars
        regex support in search
        text zoom
        sidebar filebrowser revamp

        toolbar revamp

        OBEX support
        improved UI
        ability to change adapter name
        cinnamon applet

Mint tools:
        Select all button in foreign pkgs:

        provide a CLI for automated upgrades

Linux Mint 18.2 [Planned]

    gestures support:
            zoom document in xreader
            zoom document in xviewer
            zoom document in pix
            zoom view in nemo

            previous/next document in xviewer
            previous/next document in pix
            previous/next page in xreader

            sound-volume/seek in xplayer

            pause/resume in xplayer

        doesn't rotate videos when playing them
        should use a generic name in the application menu

Mint tools:
        add shortcut keys
        mint notices
        implement rules and notification system:
            dmesg errors
            foreign packages if pinned by mint
            wrong lsb info..etc.
            slow boot sequence
            slow shutdown sequence
        safeguard against package removals (for instance, don't let users perform updates which would remove sensitive packages).

        consider accompanying the user and hinting at things he/she might want to do (codecs, popular settings, popular apps etc..)

Cinnamon performance:
    track/troubleshoot shutdown sequence (user should know what is happening when shutdown isn't immediate)
    nemo thumbnail error happens too often (too picky, does it always require root perms?)
    nemo seeing RW volume as read-only and failing to write on it (in this case the user can write to the volume via command line but not via nemo)
    cinnamon slow to start after boot
    track/troubleshoot vsync, compositing, unredirected windows and policy

Cinnamon features/issues:
    implement basic global lockdown (i.e. locked by root)
    add cinnamon-session (present but inactive) and cinnamon-settings-daemon to Launchpad/cinnamon-translations
    mouse/touchpad: fix sensitivity settings (shouldn't be inverted... should be described as motion-threshold or even better, as what they actually do). Also, add a way to reset their value.
    add a printer applet
    menu: consider adopting this layout (, same as ours/mintmenu, only better.
    todo list applet/desklet
    calendar events applet/desklet
    multiple clocks
    menu: use search providers to search local files
    review default panel layout
    network applet: airplane mode (quick way to rfkill all)
    network applet:
    menu: look-n-feel, make searchbox seemless
    spices: all spices should work
    hidpi setting should be in Displays, not in General
    add frequency in monitor settings

    Tray icons are black with mint-y themes.
    Mint-Y themes Shade option is unavailable
    mint-x-icons: in MATE (with a high panel), network status icons have a dark background in 32px and bigger. they would look much better in the panel with a transparent bg like other icons.
    mintupload: use icon names rather than path to SVG
    mintwelcome: don't use 32px png icons
    Choose places icons for Mint-Y
    isolinux splash

display manager:
        consider moving prime support away from the logout sequence and place it fully in the login sequence
        in live mode: can't log in using Mint and blank password
        preselect user if only one user is present in the list
        configurable slideshow
        Webkit preview, process doesn't die when window is closed
        Webkit preview, mint-X doesn't show anything, only background
    ligtdm: experiment with implemeting a new alternative greeter

    ubiquity: don't set the root password
    bluetooth: investigate persistent state of software rfkill across reboots
    bluetooth: investigate bt speakers/headphones connectivity/sound
    compiler optimization: consider optimizing compiled binaries for Cinnamon/Xapps

Linux Mint 18.2 [Optional]

cinnamon features:
    nemo: retire computer:/// place (which is completely useless) or revamp it into something better
    network applet: if possible, add a little refresh icon to ask for a new scan
    alt-tab and panel use icon provided by appsys, ignoring icon set by the application itself (example: a python window using widow.set_icon_name())

cinnamon issues:
    actions in panel launchers aren't translated if not present in .desktop file
    sound: add an option to switch sound to HDMI when an HDMI output device is plugged
    hidpi issues: top of mint menu is cut off in HiDPI (1920×1280)
    gnome-system-monitor moves out of place in Expo
    when battery is very low, battery icon isn't red.. 2% charge, with less than 5 minutes to go, still not red.. bar is red in CCC, icon is red in notification.. but not in applet (and also not in the CCC icon itself either)
    When using Cinnamon bar at top, and secondary monitor with higher height than the main display, some apps like KDE Apps (Krita, Kdenlive) or Wine Based Apps (teamviewer) will display menus from toolbar in the wrong place. Being more specific: The menus will be displayed in the position that they should be displayed at main monitor, however in this case the window is maximized in the secondary monitor.
    Is there any reason why there are two names for the same item, eg. "Trash" and "Rubbish Bin"? Would it be better to standardise on only one name?
    add gnome-screenshot to panel, right-click and select "Take screenshot of a selected area". This runs gnome-screenshot -a.. it should work but it doesn't. Is it because of the panel launcher capturing the click event or something?
    In Nemo, right-click on "File System" -> "Properties" gives the details of the Home folder, not the File System, making it difficult to determine the overal disk space available.
    In Nemo, if i select a new tab, the folder name that appears in the tab appears with a separation line underneath, separating the tab name from the list of files in the folder. This style of separation is onconsistent to XED, where the Tab name and content under that tab have no such visible horizontal separation line.
    system settings modules should be singletons (only one possible instance) and have their window use their own icon (in alt-tab, and window list)

    “Disable Dark Theme” doesn’t work, if i’m right when i assume it should do “gsettings set org.x.viewer.view use-background-color false”?
    after a fullscreen-view the sidebar is gone and must be enabled manually again.
    please make the position (left/right, top/bottom won’t make much sense) of the sidebar configurable (like the gallery) at least via dconf!

    add an option to blank other monitors when in full screen in xviewer/xreader/pix
    implement an app-sharing protocol to quickly move a document from one app to another

    UI redesign
    when apt cache is missing, it just says not available. Instead it could tell the user or even help the user to refresh the cache.
    redesign main page to feature essential apps

mate 1.18
    swith MATE to GTK3
    switch mintmenu to GTK3
    mintemenu: focus issues in /var/log/syslog
    sound events vs sound themes
    multi-monitor: caja doesn't always show the desktop on the primary monitor (using a laptop as main/left monitor, and HDMI screen with higher res on the right, it surprisingly ends up showing icons on the right screen)

    new users: perms at 750 by default?
    for non-english speaking people, it is not possible to change language, nor keyboard settings, when starting livemedia.


    consider using another alternative?

    prompt for reboot after kernel install?

    remove duplication between Eject and Safely Remove (for removable devices).

    consider adding snapd
    consider adding support for xdg-apps, flatpack
    consider enabling recommends

review logind.conf changes in:

    inhibit sessions via libxapp (need to do it in KDE too)

    enable bookmark toolbar by default
    enable plugins by default

    client-rendered icon/menu (ala libindicator)
    support all the features from GTK statusicon (tooltips, left/right clicks etc..)

use aptdaemon?
    aptdaemon doesn't work in LMDE and is being abandoned upstream
    in mintupdate, remove dep on synaptic, remove admin rights for
    in mintwelcome and codec menu entry, switch from apturl to aptdaemon
    in mintsources, remove dep on synaptic
    remove synaptic from default selection
    remove synaptic from mintmenu's favorites

network discovery:
    easy out-of-the-box interactions (messaging/presence/file-sharing) over the LAN

windows compatibility layer:
    seemless wine integration

HiDPI support:
    upstream apps using GTK2: Banshee, Gimp, Hexchat, VLC, Pidgin, Tomboy.
    mint projects using GTK2: mdmsetup, mintinstall, mintsources, gksu, cinnamon's mount dialog (seen when asking for a password for an encrypted external HDD).