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Fixed Issues since LMDE 2 RC

All editions

mintwelcome points to wrong URLs for New features and Release Notes
live-installer hangs at partitioning stage (unable to parse blkid output)
mintupdate changelog aren't retrieved for debian packages
mint-stylish-addon should be removed
mint-meta-debian-xfce and mint-meta-debian-kde should be removed
live-installer sometimes hangs when formating partitions
mintstick 100% CPU even after copy is finished
busy cursor when launching firefox
The xcursor-themes is set to adwaita cursors instead of the DMZ-White
lo start app points to missing lo base
Add usbmuxd (to connect to IOS devices)

Cinnamon Edition

Suspend options are not in the power menu anymore
Standby mode at closing lid notebook
Suspend timeout doesn't do anything
Totem doesn't inhibit CSM (added totem-plugins)
black bars in screensaver

MATE Edition

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