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Fixed Issues since Linux Mint 19.1 BETA

All editions

xed menu item not translated

mintsources: Add kabyle support update translations FF in live repo FF support for dark themes in lightdm, onboard doesn't work (empty area)

bird in coast wallpaper

Cinnamon Edition

wacom rotates with display touchscreen doesn't rotate with display crash when using kazam. After you move the bottom panel to a side, you need to restart Cinnamon because the menu session icons get lost: In System settings, when I click on "Input method", the "Language settings" open instead! When clicking on "Input method" in the start menu, it works. Japanese also works fine. calendar text is too small (it's the same size as before, we made the status applets smaller to compensate) The notification area icons will look more elegant if is set to 22 px. by default (even so, will be bigger than the defaults on Linux Mint 19.0). Start menu doesn't auto-shrink – too much space between the lock and favorites button and unused space under "Places". in settings, "window list" applet (when switched to modern) looks as if it's added and broken. gwl: Ctrl to launch new instance gwl: middle-click on empty pinned group wants to kill something mint-y gwl theme broken for top/right/left panels gwl: different system settings modules (say colors and date-time) get grouped together, despite having a different icon mint-x + panel on top -> all groups active remove dnd option to pin dnd on pin should be persistent vertical thumbs, restart cinnamon -> wrong number of thumbs add shift click

center-align applet text (test with %n in clock applet) The ‘system-shutdown’, ‘ system-log-out’ and ‘system-lock-screen’ icons don’t scale properly on big panels (50+). Instead of 48px icons they are upscaled (blurry) 32px. When I right click on the desktop and select ‘Customize’, my icons are automatically resorted.

MATE Edition

Xfce Edition

Manual steps for upgraders

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