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Improvements selected for the future

    remove modemmanager?

    creates objects with wrong ownership. See

    ftps support


hidpi and display settings:
    System Settings > Display won’t let me set the one on the right as primary. The “Set as Primary” button is grayed. It’s connected as DVI. The other monitor’s “Set as Primary” is not grayed. It’s connected as VGA. This is related to a very longstanding issue of Mint always opening dialogs on the left (wrong) monitor

    Network setting does not let me to set Proxy.. The button “set system wide” is not there.
    network applet

    Prefs > Display > Icon Caption > first option SIZE, and Prefs > Preview > Folders > options NEVER ---> results in "–" showing under directories (tested in icon view).
    if I press ALT+F2 and then enter “nemo” to access to my personal ftp server trough nemo, I’ll get a request of username and password: it’s OK. The problem is that if I select the option to remember forever the username and password, it will not have effect: if I reboot Linux Mint, the next time I’ll try to access my ftp trough nemo I’ll get the request of username e password. So… nemo doesn’t remember my credentials… it’s frustrating.
    Entering the folder of long name , the path disappeared screen capture 1) it shows a folder of longname screen capture 2) entering the long name folder , meeting disappeared folder path of long name folder screen capture 3) But Actually It was still dsiplayed at max window
    Create a thumbnailer in usr/share/thumbnailers for MimeType inode/directory – when you try to run Nemo, it crashes with the error:  (nemo:9078): CinnamonDesktop-WARNING **: Error reading from file:///home/simon/Desktop: Error reading from file descriptor: Is a directory Installing cover-thumbnailer is an easy way to reproduce it.
    nemo-preview (not installed by default), doesn’t work:
    1. Open nemo (unminimised)  2. Copy some files so that the transfer window is present 3. Open another program (unminimised) and in front of nemo such as firefox 4. If the transfer window is open (maximised) in front of the other program (firefox for example) and you click to minimise the transfer window, nemo will automatically pop up in front of the other program. Not a major bug but annoying from a window management point of view.
    When trying to connect my ext.hard drive via smb when double clicking on the globe icon (workgroup) nemo closes down
    If I disable the desktop icons with the first checkbox in cinnamon-settings the right mousebutton does not work on the desktop anymore…
    right-click Run/Open with blah in nemo, on executable files
    Feature request: if I create a launcher on my desktop, I can select an icon for it (with preview)… instead, if a modify a launcher in the menu with the “menu editor”, I can select a different icon but without preview. Can you please add the preview feature?
    if I launch from a bash script nemo to open an ftp server more than one time, with a command such as “nemo“, I can get a duplicate icon on my desktop, see screenshot:
    If you plug in a USB, it auto mounts in a location on the desktop but if you unplug it, plug in another, and re-insert the first, the desktop icons overlap each other. I've noticed a similar issue in previous Mint releases. It would be great if the icons could auto position.
    small bug in all Linux Mint Cinnamon editions (maybe with Nemo). When I drag and drop some file(s) on an archive , my expectation is the files being added to it , but instead of that an error message pops out : “An error occurred while adding files to the archive. You can’t add an archive to itself.” . The Mate edition does not have this problem
    when no panels are present -> right-click the desktop -> Add a panel
    If Nemo is open with 2 folder-panes the user can switch between both panes with F6, that is fine, if one uses the file-manager with keyboard only. The problem is, that F6 only works at once, if you have set Nemo to open with 2 panes. If Nemo opens with 1 pane (default setting) and the second pane gets opened via F3 (or menu), pressing F6 does at first nothing – no reaction at all. You can either click the second pane with the mouse (what is against a keyboard-only usage) or you have to navigate in the first pane anywhere (e.g. by pressing backspace), only after that F6 is reacting
    nemo: can no longer handle desktop in root session.

window management:
    expo: set overview mode to true by default
    integrate workspace management in nemo, panel, window-list, applet, muffin, settings
    Add common tiling options to window list context menu - Show Windows Side by Side, Cascade, Show windows stacked

    Problem with the width of some configuration windows: E. G. with the configuration window for window list applet.
    cinnamon-settings: The search box in System Settings displays “Search…” next to the magnifier.
    spices: removing extensions, themes, desklets, applets is only possible using right click (maybe it would be better to have button for that in future relases)
    spices: If I select the radio box to choose an applet and then I’ll click the button to install it, the applet is installed but it’s not active: maybe a new user expects to have it immediately in the panel after the download… in fact forcing the user to come back in the list of the installed applet to enable the just downloaded applet is not user friendly, in my opinion.
    keyboard: allow adding duplicate key combination for Cinnamon “Toggle Scale” and “Toggle Expo” (found these, didn’t go through all actions, most of them ok)
    mouse/touchpad: an option to change the mouse scroll speed for the middle wheel in Mouse and Touchpad preferences
    cinnamon-settings-users: Creating a user without password (stupid but nothing prevents it): impossible for that user to set one himself in Account Details.
    cinnamon-settings-users: In the “Users and Groups”, when on “Groups” tab, it could be great to have a way to see the members of a selected group and add new members to the group as well. Currently, we can only edit the group name…
    backgrounds: get more brackgrounds (find a way to make it easy to install more backgrounds)
    Is the speed (not acceleration) of the mouse pointer finally changable via the settings? This did not work for years now

    menu: bring back category hover delay option
    menu: doesn't listen to menu changes outside /usr/share/applications? install shotwell for instance (uses /usr/share/menu)
    menu: keywords (for searching) aren't l10n'd
    menu: Even after setting org.cinnamon.desktop.lockdown.disable-lock-screen to true, the lock button still appears on cinnamon menu applet...
    menu: When creating a new menu item the icon does not appear. It is ok in the menu editor.
    menu: recent icon is different than in nemo sidebar
    sound: I have a problem when i start Spotify from the sound icon Cinnamon crash. When i open it in the menu it works. I didnt have that problem with Mint 18.0
    sound: align close/raise buttons to the right
    show-desktop: add the ability to DND to desktop by hovering with a file on the applet.

    If the display for the time gets disabled, also the absence message does not get shown. I think, both should be independent from each other.

    screenshot filenames aren't handy (Screenshot from 2014-02-17 14:46:32.png)


hard to resize window or to grab border
When panel is at the top, notifications show on top of it.
Add sound effects like in Cinnamon
The MATE user admin program (mate-users-admin), when setting a user’s type to “Administrative”, does not add the user to the “sudo” group. The workaround is to explicitly add the user to the sudo group
‘mate-screensaver’ still as flaky as it was in lm15 MATE 64-bit. Set to ‘Lock screen when screensaver is active’ sometimes upon resume after suspend I get a prompt for my password, other times NOT.
MPRIS support
caja: If you set a black wallpaper, the text below desktop icons becomes unvisible after reboot or logout and login.
caja: dng and raw images thumbnails in caja
caja: renaming a file produces a black border
add context menu support for CSD headerbars in Marco.
make MATE screensaver see OnlyShowIn=GNOME xscreensavers (/usr/share/applications/screensavers/*)


Localization of the installer slideshow
caja: it looks like caja briefly dies at session start just before reappearing again
missing plymouth-text theme
Marco doesn't provide WM context menu options for CSD apps
iphones can't be mounted (need more info on how to pull this off and with which versions of iOS?)
Set the default debian repository to instead of, which results in better performance for all users outside of the US
missing slovak language pack (something like thunderbird-l10n-sk) for Thunderbird mail client
rfkill provides upstart config, but not init.d.. as a result RFKILL state isn't stored/restored
integrity check warns about malformed header
/.config/pulse present (found on MATE i386 ISO)
gnome-power-statistics.desktop doesn't show up in Cinnamon
bashrc: # colored GCC warnings and errors --> export GCC_COLORS='error=01;31:warning=01;35:note=01;36:caret=01;32:locus=01:quote=01' (won't work until gcc 4.9)
history and completion in bashrc
consider activating
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