The settings daemon for the Cinnamon desktop
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power: Fix typo in UPower keyboard GDBus proxy name


  • Remove custom keybinding code (we handle that in Cinnamon now) - do we want to handle media keys in cinnamon also? Would get around the 'no meda keys while a menu is open' issue.
  • Switch to Gnome's keyboard layout (gsettings) handler - basically reverting Ubuntu's patch for this. This will allow us to implement ibus popups directly in Cinnamon
  • Look into backgrounds - we should be able to eliminate the background manager in the cinnamon gnome 3.8 compat rollup, and continue to handle backgrounds as we currently do
  • Investigate: How to keep gnome-settings-daemon from autostarting. It checks for environment=GNOME... which means Cinnamon also - is it time to have our own name?

-- Update on this: Setting session name to Cinnamon works - then add to main.c in cinnamon, to set XDG_CURRENT_DESKTOP=GNOME makes sure apps keep showing up

  • Multiple backgrounds on multiple monitors

  • /etc/acpi/ - add cinnamon-settings-daemon to script - how? postinst?