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xss and jaszhix IcingTaskManager@json: Present single window on scroll over app icon (#…

Adjusted for 3.4 and 3.8 branches of applet. PR accepted by applet
developer @jaszhix within the separate repo:

When "Group apps" is activated and "Mouse wheel scroll behavior" is set
to "Cycle windows", scrolling over an app icon will now also present
the window if there exists only one window for the app icon.

Previously, only scrolling over icons that represented *multiple*
windows (grouped together) cycled through the app's existing windows,
presenting them (bringing them to foreground). If there was only one
window open, nothing happened upon scrolling on an icon, which is kind
of disruptive. You first had to move your finger and *click* the icon
to present the single window.

Now, scrolling an app's icon works the same on all active app's icons.
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CinnVIIStarkMenu@NikoKrause CinnVIIStarkMenu@NikoKrause: remove custom padding of favorite apps b… May 15, 2018
Cinnamenu@json Cinnamenu@json: Fix being unable to open applications after exiting t… Aug 8, 2018
CommandRunner@appdevsw CommandRunner: Fixed issue with applet not starting (#1906) Jul 21, 2018
CustomApplicationsMenu@LLOBERA 31 abandoned applets: set author to none (#1156) Aug 17, 2017
IcingTaskManager@json IcingTaskManager@json: Present single window on scroll over app icon (#… Aug 14, 2018
IcingWindowSaver@json IcingWindowSaver@json: move files to UUID/files/UUID Sep 11, 2017
MessagingMenuV3@blub MessagingMenuV3@blub: Create da.po Jul 1, 2017 Update da.po (#1529) Dec 4, 2017
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ScreenLocker@tuuxx ScreenLocker@tuuxx: move files to UUID/files/UUID Sep 11, 2017
ScreenShot+RecordDesktop@tech71 ScreenShot+RecordDesktop@tech71: Taking ownership of applet.' (#1915) Jul 29, 2018
ScreenShot@tech71 [ScreenShot@tech71] Polish translation added (#1876) Jul 2, 2018 Fix for Cinnamon 3.8 (#1677) Mar 15, 2018
ShellTools@abgoyal ShellTools@abgoyal: use applet icon Sep 15, 2017
ShutdownApplet@DeathMD 31 abandoned applets: set author to none (#1156) Aug 17, 2017
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ThemeRefresh@JosephM ThemeRefresh@JosephM: Create da.po (#1531) Dec 4, 2017 WindowListGroup: Hungarian translation (#1790) Apr 30, 2018
a4techTool@mous a4techTool@mous: Create da.po (#979) Jul 4, 2017 use svg icon Sep 20, 2017 Fix for Cinnamon 3.8 (#1678) May 6, 2018 add hrv lng (#1475) Nov 19, 2017
bash-sensors@pkkk bash-sensors@pkkk: Dynamic tooltips (#1738) Apr 27, 2018
batterymonitor@pdcurtis batterymonitor@pdcurtis: French translation - New version of fr.po fi… Jan 6, 2018
betterlock betterlock: enable locks on click also when both icons are visible (#… Apr 15, 2018
bettersettings@bownz bettersettings@bownz: Fix for Cinnamon 3.8 (#1679) Mar 15, 2018
binaryclock@entelechy binaryclock@entelechy: Fix for Cinnamon 3.8 (#1680) Mar 15, 2018
brightness-and-gamma-applet@cardsurf [brightness-and-gamma-applet] Updated shellUtils library (#1890) Jul 13, 2018
bumblebee@pdcurtis bumblebee@pdcurtis: update hrv lng (#1480) Nov 19, 2017 [] Add to applet's setting the ability to assi… Mar 20, 2018
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cinnamon-multi-line-taskbar-applet Donated applets: set authors to none May 16, 2017
cinnamon-timer@jake1164 cinnamon-timer: Added license info. (#1845) May 25, 2018
cinnamon-utils-menu@pithdillinja cinnamon-utils-menu@pithdillinja: fix for Cinnamon 3.4 Sep 15, 2017
clipboard-qr@wrouesnel clipboard-qr@wrouesnel: Fix for Cinnamon 3.6 and use of QR icon (#1651) Mar 5, 2018 [] Enlarge tray icon click area (#1854) Jun 3, 2018
color-picker@fmete Taking ownership of unmaintained applet. Jul 25, 2018
commandLauncher@scollins command launcher: fix notification of completion. It seems the argume… Sep 12, 2017
computer@brownsr computer@brownsr: add da.po (#1039) Jul 17, 2017
cpu-monitor-text@gnemonix cpu-monitor-text@gnemonix: add da.po (#1040) Jul 17, 2017
cpufreq@mtwebster cpufreq@mtwebster: Fix for Cinnamon 3.8 (#1684) Mar 15, 2018
cryptocoin@guantanamoe Fix 'value is null' error on cryptocoin applet (#1813) May 13, 2018 Fix redeclaration of let (#1198) Aug 31, 2017
devutils@fogl devutils@fogl: Fix for Cinnamon 3.8 (#1685) Mar 15, 2018 beep on notification and fixes (#1243) Sep 15, 2017
diaspora-notif@douze12 diaspora-notif@douze12: Fix for Cinnamon 3.8 (#1686) Mar 15, 2018
disk-read-and-write-speed@cardsurf [disk-read-and-write-speed@cardsurf] Updated shellUtils library (#1894) Jul 15, 2018
download-and-upload-speed@cardsurf [download-and-upload-speed@cardsurf] Show speed in bits (#1897) Jul 16, 2018
extensions@dalcde extensions@dalcde: translate extension name, use icon Sep 13, 2017 Added fr.po - French translation (#1763) Apr 11, 2018 add German translation Sep 23, 2017 add da.po (#1105) Jul 30, 2017
gmail@lauritsriple Update da.po (#1323) Sep 28, 2017 pl.po update (#1774) Apr 15, 2018 add da.po (#1115) Aug 4, 2017
graphicsCenter@scollins graphicsCenter@scollins: update da.po Aug 8, 2017 convert to use xlet-settings Jun 27, 2018
hideable-applets@cardsurf [hideable-applets@cardsurf] Hide applets when new applet is added (#1882 Jul 9, 2018 Correct folder structure (#1199) Aug 31, 2017
hwmonitor@sylfurd bg.po for hwmonitor@sylfurd (#1491) Nov 20, 2017
ifstat@tagadan ifstat@tagadan: Cinnamon 3.4 fix, use applet icon Sep 15, 2017
ink-level-monitor@r0p01ach ink-level-monitor@r0p01ach: add da.po (#1122) Aug 5, 2017
ioDisk@ctrlesc ioDisk@ctrlesc: Return of the author (#1424) Oct 31, 2017 added applet (#1347) Oct 7, 2017
jalalicalendar@mohammad-sn jalalicalendar@mohammad-sn: Fix for Cinnamon 3.8 (#1691) Apr 3, 2018 Updated changes from CSA repository Mar 19, 2017
localip@mrieracrespi localip@mrieracrespi: use applet icon Sep 13, 2017
localipswithsettings@edaubert localipswithsettings@edaubert: add da.po (#1152) Aug 14, 2017
location-detection@heimdall location-detection@heimdall: Ensure icon scaling (#1226) Sep 8, 2017
logout@martin 31 abandoned applets: set author to none (#1156) Aug 17, 2017
lorem@vxstorm lorem@vxstorm: add German translation Sep 23, 2017 Spanish translation (#1912) Jul 27, 2018 Mem-monitor-text: Removed label. (#1920) Aug 4, 2018 nonexistent GitHub user May 15, 2017 da.po (#1171) Aug 19, 2017
multicore-sys-monitor@ccadeptic23 multicore-sys-monitor@ccadeptic23: 1.8.4 (#1782) Apr 23, 2018 Fix for Cinnamon 3.8 (#1692) Mar 15, 2018 add da.po (#1176) Aug 24, 2017
netusagemonitor@pdcurtis [WIP] netusagemonitor@pdcurtis Update to version 3.2.5 (#1771) Apr 24, 2018
network@brownsr network@brownsr: add da.po (#1194) Aug 30, 2017
nvidiaprime@pdcurtis nvidiaprime@pdcurtis: add da.po (#1303) Sep 24, 2017
officeCenter@scollins officeCenter@scollins: add da.po (#1304) Sep 24, 2017 add da.po (#1305) Sep 24, 2017
panel-separator-icon@mordant23 31 abandoned applets: set author to none (#1156) Aug 17, 2017 pl.po small correct (#1734) Apr 3, 2018
places-with-terminal@mtwebster places-with-terminal@mtwebster: add da.po (#1309) Sep 24, 2017
placesCenter@scollins placesCenter@scollins - fr.po - French translation (#1721) Mar 26, 2018 Fix for Cinnamon 3.8 (#1693) May 10, 2018
power-off@martin power-off@martin: add da.po (#1317) Sep 27, 2017
printers@linux-man printers@linux-man: Use pkexec to "Restart CUPS" (#1872) Jun 24, 2018
profile-switcher@pixunil profile-switcher@pixunil: add da.po (#1319) Sep 27, 2017
radio@driglu4it radio@driglu4it: pl.po update (#1772) Apr 15, 2018
rancher@centurix rancher@centurix: Fix for Cinnamon 3.8 (#1694) Mar 21, 2018
redshift@marvel4u redshift: Backlight not updating fix. (#1919) Aug 8, 2018
restart-cinnamon@kolle restart-cinnamon@kolle: Taking ownership of unmaintained applet. (#1916) Jul 29, 2018 resize and make icon square (#444) May 11, 2017
rwall@typicalfoobar rwall@typicalfoobar: add da.po (#1326) Oct 2, 2017
sane-menu@nooulaif sane-menu@nooulaif: add da.po (#1327) Oct 2, 2017
screen-inhibit@mtwebster screen-inhibit@mtwebster: add da.po (#1328) Oct 2, 2017 Add cs.po (#1808) May 7, 2018
search-box@mtwebster search-box@mtwebster: Update da.po (#1759) Apr 11, 2018
separator2@zyzz separator2@zyzz: add da.po (#1332) Oct 2, 2017
serviceLauncher@hulygun serviceLauncher@hulygun: Added fix for cinnamon 3.8 (#1787) Apr 27, 2018
sessionManager@scollins [sessionManager@scollins]: French translation - Added fr.po May 20, 2018
show-hide-applets@mohammad-sn show-hide-applets: Fixed always showing on hover issue (#1909) Jul 21, 2018 port to xlet-settings. Jun 27, 2018
slingshot@jfarthing84 slingshot@jfarthing84: Fix for Cinnamon 3.8 (#1696) May 6, 2018
smallcalc_applet@lerc.sds smallcalc_applet@lerc.sds: Fix for Cinnamon 3.8 (#1697) May 6, 2018 2 applets: set author to none for nonexistent GitHub user and update … Jul 27, 2017 add da.po (#1338) Oct 2, 2017
sound-with-apps-volume@koutch sound-with-apps-volume@koutch: add da.po (#1339) Oct 3, 2017
sound150@claudiux sound150@claudiux: v1.5.1 - Fixes a typo (#1865) Jun 13, 2018
spices-notifier@germanfr Update Spices notifier v3.8 (spices-notifier@germanfr) (#1863) Jun 11, 2018
sshlauncher@sumo sshlauncher: make icon appear (#1565) Dec 21, 2017
stackoverflow-questions-notifier@higuaro stackoverflow-questions-notifier@higuaro: add da.po (#1341) Oct 3, 2017
stevedore@centurix stevedore@centurix: Fix for Cinnamon 3.8 (#1698) Mar 21, 2018
sticky@scollins sticky@scollins: pl.po update Apr 9, 2018
stocks@adonut stocks@adonut: add da.po (#1346) Oct 3, 2017
stopwatch@pdcurtis stopwatch@pdcurtis: add da.po (#1348) Oct 3, 2017
suspend@janax suspend@janax: add da.po (#1349) Oct 3, 2017 fix for Cinnamon 3.4, use applet icon, remo… Sep 15, 2017
sysmonitor@orcus Fixed rendering and added option to show decimal value in CPU usage. (#… Jun 18, 2018
system-monitor@pixunil system-monitor@pixunil: add da.po (#1352) Oct 4, 2017
system-monitor@spacy01 translations: fix msgmerge warnings Oct 13, 2017
systray-collapsible@koutch systray-collapsible@koutch: add da.po (#1354) Oct 4, 2017
temperature@fevimu temperature@fevimu: Limit compatibility to Cinnamon 3.6, 3.8 (#1835) May 18, 2018
text-to-speech-applet@cardsurf [text-to-speech-applet@cardsurf] Added support for Cinnamon 3.8 (#1893) Jul 14, 2018
tfmKeyboard@alexpp tfmKeyboard@alexpp: make icon square Sep 20, 2017
timeout@narutrey timeout@narutrey: add da.po (#1361) Oct 6, 2017
todo@threefi todo@threefi: add da.po (#1363) Oct 7, 2017
toggle_LookingGlass@kolle toggle_LookingGlass@kolle: add da.po (#1364) Oct 7, 2017
tor-button@shatur tor-button@shatur: update da.po (#1545) Dec 5, 2017
tracker@glebihan tracker@glebihan: Fix for Cinnamon 3.8 (#1784) Apr 25, 2018 31 abandoned applets: set author to none (#1156) Aug 17, 2017
turn-off-monitor@zablotski turn-off-monitor@zablotski: add da.po (#1367) Oct 7, 2017
uptime@vatanuki.kun uptime@vatanuki.kun: add da.po (#1368) Oct 7, 2017
usertile@uszaty usertile@uszaty: add da.po (#1369) Oct 7, 2017
vboxlauncher@mockturtl vboxlauncher@mockturtl: add tr.po (#1740) Apr 6, 2018 change author from none to pdcurtis (#1800) May 5, 2018
vpnLookOut@claudiux [vpnLookOut@claudiux] v2.4.0 - Setting right permissions to the scrip… Jun 6, 2018
weather@mockturtl Update nl.po (#1874) Jul 2, 2018
web-developer-menu@infiniteshroom web-developer-menu@infiniteshroom: update da.po (#1380) Oct 8, 2017
website-notifier@cardsurf [website-notifier@cardsurf] Updated shellUtils library (#1892) Jul 14, 2018 Restructure directories to obey standard structure Jun 29, 2017 Update changelog and readme (#1900) Jul 18, 2018
windows-quick-list-with-close-button@koutch windows-quick-list-with-close-button@koutch: add da.po (#1376) Oct 8, 2017
workspace-grid@hernejj Fix for cinnamon 3.8 (#1796) May 5, 2018
workspace-name@willurd workspace-name@willurd: add da.po (#1378) Oct 8, 2017
xampp-panel@backids99 xampp-panel@backids99: Fix for Cinnamon 3.8 (#1676) Mar 15, 2018
.gitignore Add .gitignore Feb 13, 2017 add cinnamon-spices-makepot script (#1283) Sep 20, 2017
cinnamon-spices-makepot add cinnamon-spices-makepot script (#1283) Sep 20, 2017
validate-spice applet validation: add script, which checks if applet is valid (#1236) Sep 20, 2017


This repository hosts all the applets available for the Cinnamon desktop environment.

Users can install spices from, or directly from within Cinnamon -> System Settings.



Each spice is given a name which uniquely identifies them.

That name is their UUID and it is unique.


Each spice has an author.

The github username of the author is specified in the spice's info.json file.

File structure

A spice can contain many files, but it should have the following file structure:

  • UUID/
  • UUID/info.json
  • UUID/icon.png
  • UUID/screenshot.png
  • UUID/
  • UUID/files/
  • UUID/files/UUID
  • UUID/files/UUID/metadata.json
  • UUID/files/UUID/applet.js

There are two important directories:

  • UUID/ is the root level directory, it includes files which are used by the website and on github.
  • UUID/files/ represents the content of the ZIP archive which users can download from or which is sent to Cinnamon when installing the spice from System Settings. This is the content which is interpreted by Cinnamon itself.

As you can see, the content of the spice isn't placed inside UUID/files/ directly, but inside UUID/files/UUID/ instead. This guarantees files aren't extracted directly onto the file system, but placed in the proper UUID directory. The presence of this UUID directory, inside of files/ isn't actually needed by Cinnamon (as Cinnamon creates it if it's missing), but it is needed to guarantee a proper manual installation (i.e. when users download the ZIP from the Cinnamon Spices website).

Important note:

  • The UUID/files/ directory has to be "empty", which means that it should contain ONLY the UUID directory. Else the spice won't be installable through System Settings.

At the root level:

  • info.json contains information about the spice. For instance, this is the file which contains the github username of the spice's author.
  • icon.png is the icon associated with the spice.
  • screenshot.png is a screenshot of the spice in action.
  • is optional and can be used to show instructions and information about the spice. It appears both in Github and on the website.


To check if a spice with UUID satifies those requirements run the validate-spice script in this repo:

./validate-spice UUID

Rights and responsibility of the author

The author is in charge of the development of the spice.

Authors can modify their spice under the following conditions:

  • They need to respect the file structure and workflow defined here
  • They cannot introduce malicious code or code which would have a negative impact on the environment

Authors are able to accept or refuse changes from other people which modify the features or the look of their spice.

Authors may choose to pass on development of their applet to someone else. In that case, the "author" field in UUID/info.json will be changed to the new developer and the "original_author" field will be added to give credit to the original developer.

If an author abandons their applet, the Linux Mint team will take over maintenance of the applet or pass it on to someone else. Several factors are used to determine if an applet is abandoned, including prolonged activity, failure to respond to requests, and serious breakages that have occurred due to changes in API, etc. If you plan to abandon an applet, please notify us, so we don't have to guess as to whether it is abandoned or not.

Pull requests from authors and workflow

To modify a spice, developers create a Pull Request.

Members of the cinnamon-spices-developers team review the pull request.

If the author of the pull request is the spice author (his github username matches the author field in UUID/info.json), the reviewer only has to perform the following checks:

  • The changes only impact spices which belong to that author
  • The changes respect the spices file structure
  • The changes do not introduce malicious code or code which would negatively impact the desktop environment

If everything is fine, the PR is merged, the website is updated and users can see a spice update in System Settings.

Pull requests from other people

In addition to the checks specified above, if the pull request comes from somebody other than the author, it will be held until the author reviews it or gives a thumbs-up, with the following exceptions:

  • If it is a bug fix, the PR may be merged, though if the bug is minor, or the fix could potentially impact the way the applet works, we may wait for author approval before merging.
  • If the pull request adds translations it will likewise be merged. These are not going to effect the functionality of the code, and will make the applet available to many users who couldn't use it before due to a language barrier. We view this a essentially a bugfix, but it is included here for clarification.
  • If the author fails to respond in a reasonable time, we will assume the applet is abandoned (as mentioned above) and the pull request will be merged assuming it meets all other requirements.

If the changes represent a change in functionality, or in look and feel, or if their implementation could be questioned and/or discussed, the reviewer should leave the PR open and ask the author to review it.

If the author is happy with the PR, it can then be merged. If he's not, it can either be closed or updated to reflect any changes the author requested, at which point it will either be merged or the author may be asked to review the changes depending on whether it is clear the changes fully meet the author's requirements.


Authors are entitled to remove their spice.

The Cinnamon team is also entitled to do so. Common reasons are lack of maintenance, critical bugs, or if the features are already provided, either by Cinnamon itself, or by another spice which is more successful.


New spices can be added by Pull Request.

The Cinnamon team can accept or reject the addition and should give justification in the PR comments section.

Reporting Bugs and Creating Pull Requests

See the Guidelines for Contributing


The script cinnamon-spices-makepot in this repo was written to help authors to update their translation template (.pot) file and to help translators to test their translations.

Updating a translation template .pot:

./cinnamon-spices-makepot UUID

Test your translations .po locally before uploading to Spices:"

./cinnamon-spices-makepot UUID --install

More info:

./cinnamon-spices-makepot --help