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Icing Task Manager

Icing Task Manager is deprecated for Cinnamon 4.0+. Please add the Grouped Window List applet to your panel, go to ITM's settings, and click "Migrate Pinned Apps to Grouped Window List".

Issues should be opened on ITM's dedicated repository. All PRs should be submitted to the Cinnamon Spices repository.

This is a fork of the unfinished development branch of Window List With App Grouping applet, originally by jake-phy who forked the code from GNOME Shell Window List.

Changes from the original version

See the changelog.


There are many options in the applet's Preferences that cater to many users' different needs. If you find a problem with your theme, try toggling the options under Theme Settings.

In order to use Firefox bookmarks, you need to install the gir1.2-gda-5.0 package.


  • Use the latest NodeJS LTS.
  • Install node modules: npm install
  • Install gulp globally: sudo npm install -g gulp
  • From the root of this applet's directory, start transpile watch task: gulp spawn-watch
  • This task will auto-reload the extension on every edit.
  • Monitor the logging output of xsession-errors:
  • tail -f -n100 ~/.xsession-errors.log
  • Use two spaces for indentation.
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