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Thanks to:
- Geza Kovacs <>, for the initial prototypes and lupin patches.
- Oliver Mattos <>, for the initial nsis GUI.
- Ecology2006 <>, for maintaining and improving the nsis GUI.
- Colin J Watson <>, for rewriting and improving the installation code
- Evan D'andrea <>, for merging the Lupin patches into Linux Mint
- Hampus Wessman <>, for the downloader and other plugins.
- Tinybit and Bean123 for writing grub4dos and helping us with it.
- Szabolcs Szakacsits <>, for ntfs-3g support.
- Computer Guru for enabling the Vista bootloader.
- The GCC project, for 64-bit detection code.
- The win32-loader project, for ideas.
- All the translators
- All the users that helped us testing/improving Wubi
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