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Remove levels (#492)

* Remove levels from preferences

* Remove levels from main view

* Remove levels from mintupdate-cli

* Remove levels from help

* Remove levels and rules from classes, checkAPT

* Remove levels from shortcuts, icons, dconf, man and POT

* Help: Remove obsolete policy page
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clefebvre committed Mar 15, 2019
1 parent 7a465d9 commit 9431cc7a4ff570d5735814bf7fdc13e7086c04e7
Showing 379 changed files with 324 additions and 17,244 deletions.
@@ -41,9 +41,6 @@ Only include kernel updates
\fB-s\fR, \fB--only-security\fR
Only include security updates
\fB-l ONLY_LEVELS\fR, \fB--only-levels ONLY_LEVELS\fR
Only include certain levels (only use for troubleshooting, list of level numbers, comma-separated)
\fB-i IGNORE\fR, \fB--ignore IGNORE\fR
List of updates to ignore (comma-separated).

@@ -78,6 +78,6 @@ os.chdir(cur_dir)
for locale in locales:
os.system("mkdir -p usr/share/help/%s/mintupdate/" % locale)
os.system("msgunfmt /usr/share/locale/%s/LC_MESSAGES/ > /tmp/%s.po" % (locale, locale))
for page in ["index", "kernels", "levels", "mintupdate-cli", "snapshots", "regressions", "updates"]:
for page in ["index", "kernels", "mintupdate-cli", "snapshots", "regressions", "updates"]:
os.system("xml2po -p /tmp/%(locale)s.po -o usr/share/help/%(locale)s/mintupdate/%(page) usr/share/help/C/mintupdate/%(page)" % {'locale': locale, 'page':page})
os.system("cp usr/share/help/C/mintupdate/legal.xml usr/share/help/%s/mintupdate/" % locale)

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