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apt-setup 1:0.55ubuntu4
base-installer 1.122ubuntu7
bterm-unifont 1.2
choose-mirror 2.39ubuntu4
clock-setup 0.109ubuntu1
console-setup 1.70ubuntu5
debian-installer-utils 1.88ubuntu2
flash-kernel 2.28ubuntu42
grub-installer 1.68ubuntu5
hw-detect 1.88ubuntu2
kboot-installer 0.0.1ubuntu9
localechooser 2.39ubuntu2
migration-assistant 0.6.12
netcfg 1.68ubuntu14
partconf 1.37
partman-auto 101ubuntu2
partman-auto-loop 0ubuntu21
partman-base 153ubuntu4
partman-basicfilesystems 71ubuntu3
partman-basicmethods 49
partman-btrfs 8ubuntu1
partman-efi 25ubuntu1
partman-ext3 67ubuntu1
partman-jfs 35
partman-newworld 26
partman-partitioning 85ubuntu2
partman-reiserfs 52
partman-target 77ubuntu2
partman-uboot 5
partman-xfs 49
preseed 1.50ubuntu1
tzsetup 1:0.26ubuntu11
user-setup 1.42ubuntu3
yaboot-installer 1.1.20ubuntu1
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