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Arabic voices for Festival TTS

HTS Arabic voice for Festival TTS: is an arabic voice trained by HTS technologie to work on Festival TTS system.

The voice is HMM trained on Nawar Arabic Speech Corpus.

Features value
Release 1.0
License GPL
Tracker linuxscout/festival-tts-arabic-voices/Issues
Source Github


Demo online

You can test the voice with diacritics on:


Debian/Ubuntu Linux

  1. Install necessary packages:
sudo apt-get install festival
sudo apt-get install htsengine

You can install Festival from pakcage manager from your linux distribution. Festival exists on Windows also.

You can test festival by

  1. Clone festival-tts-arabic-voices project from GitHub:
git clone
  1. Install voice:
cd festival-tts-arabic-voices
make install

Install server under Docker

A Docker image for a relatively light-weight full Arabic speech synthesis system


$echo "السلام عليكم " |festival --tts --language arabic


echo "السَّلَامُ عَلَيْكُمْ" | text2wave -eval "(voice_ara_norm_ziad_hts)"  -o /tmp/out.ar_ziad.w


In order to improve arabic Text to Speech, we propose to use a diacritizer. Arabic text comes usaully without short vowels, for this reason, we need to add short vowels to it, this process is called diacritizion.

The Idea is to use diacritizer as a wraper, it take text, diacritize it, before passing by the TTS system.

We will use Mishkal: open source Arabic text diacritizer; Mishkal is written by Python langaue, it's open source. it has console, desktop and web interfaces.

We will use i as console command.

To install it, download it from, in many packaging versions for your distribution, or get it from github.

$ git clone

copy the files into a directory, I choose here to put it in my home user directory


You need to install requirments

pip install /home/me/mishkal-master/requirements.txt

You can test it by python 2.7 or python3

To test it with text

$python mishkal-master/bin/  "السلام عليكم"
 السِّلَام عَلَيْكُمْ

Also, You can run it as web server, this option allow you to run it like the online website

$python mishkal-master/interfaces/web/
serving on view at

Then, run your browser on URL :

The webserver provide an API, to be used for developement of other apps.


Now, we can proceed to integrate Diacritizer with TTS.

First, we test Festival TTS with Mishkal by using pipe

$mishkal "مرحبا أهلا بكم" |text2wave -eval "(voice_ara_norm_ziad_hts)" -o /tmp/out.ar_ziad.wav
$play /tmp/out.ar_ziad.wav

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