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Creating search providers

KodeStar edited this page Jun 12, 2019 · 4 revisions
<?php namespace App\SupportedApps\NZBHydra;

class NZBHydra extends \App\SupportedApps implements \App\SearchInterface {
    public $type = 'external'; // Whether to go to the external site or display results locally
    public function getResults($query, $provider)
        $url = rtrim($provider->url, '/');
        $q = urlencode($query);
        return redirect($url.'/?category=All&mode=search&query='.$q);
  • public $type isn't currently implemented so should be set to external
  • The only current function is getResults which should redirect you to the url you need to hit.
  • $query is the text entered in the search bar
  • $provider brings back the details set in the app section, like the url.